Neil Henry Cognitive behaviour therapy counsellor , AL3

My name is Neil Henry I am a fully qualified CBT psychotherapist offering one to one integrative psychotherapy in St Albans and Luton, for young people, teenagers and adults. My integrative training means that I have studied a number of therapeutic techniques and I aim to use the ones which will be best suited to you and what you feel comfortable with. I create a friendly, kind and safe environment to allow you to work through the issues that you may have, whilst feeling supported, valued and heard. I can help you with anxiety, generalised anxiety disorder, depression, relationship issues, phobias, family issues and other issues.

I have trained extensively to work with both adults and children using Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Neurolinguistic Psychotherapy (NLP) and Art / Play Therapy using an integrative approach to help clients of all ages make sense of their world and create a brighter future.

As well as working with Adults I have many years experience working with children and young people and work as integrative Arts Child Counsellor in a number of local schools and organisations.

What to expect from the sessions

  • You will get an individualised treatment plan that research has confirmed that works.

  • You will leave our sessions with a set of expectations that are realistic and a set of goals that we will work together to formulate and reach. I will use my expertise to work with you to set these goals into shorter and longer-term timeframes.

  • The sessions are structured with you in mind and your experience of the therapy sessions are at the heart of everything that I do. I want you to feel comfortable in the sessions, discover strength and belief within and to leave the session feeling better than when you entered the room!

  • The sessions are focused primarily on the ‘here and now’ and will provide you with the belief that you already have the tools within you to solve whatever the problem.

My Background

My journey to becoming a counsellor started many years ago when I undertook training with the goal to help our son through emotional difficulties that he was experiencing at the time. It was a result of this that I had what felt like a calling to become a counsellor and help people.

I fully understand the pressures of trying to maintain a healthy work / life balance and the stress that this can cause in all areas of your life. I previously worked as a senior manager across a number of sectors including finance, retail and telecoms both in the UK and Internationally.

After undertaking further training and deepening my experience working with adults and children I took the decision to pursue counselling on a permanent basis – a decision that I have never regretted!

Please contact me either via email or 07595335514 for an informal chat about the sessions and to answer any questions.


Training and qualifications

  • Diploma in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)
  • Master of Business Administration (MBA)
  • Master NLP Practitioner
  • Working with Children and Young People in Care (Reconstruct)
  • Certificate in Counselling
  • Certificate in Counselling using the Arts with children (Institute for Art and Therapy in Education)
  • Diploma in Child Counselling - Institute of Arts in Education and Therapy
  • Working with Transgender children (Gender Intelligence)


Sessions are £60 for individuals.

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