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Do you feel as if you have lost control? Is a family member worried about you? Are you struggling to discover what the problem is, or you at a stage in your life when you are ready to look at issues that have been around for longer than you can remember?


Keysteps12 has a passion for helping clients move from painful places to positions of empowerment. Our practitioners are qualified in substance misuse, conflict resolution, counselling, and group work, and have supported clients to gain freedom from:


Drugs and alcohol


Mild depression 

Not Coping

Emotional Support 


Health and well-being

Anger Management 









Our service is tailored to suit the individual, or group, and through regular sessions, at our practices in Harley Street and Crouch End, pain and distress can be alleviated, problems and difficulties can be broken through and change and positive progress can be achieved through warmth and understanding.


One-to-one  sessions can also take place over the phone or through Skype, meaning location is not an obstacle in receiving this quality service.


Effective counselling and addiction counselling is not about giving advice it is about reducing confusion, making choices, reaching decisions and acting upon them accordingly in a time frame that you are comfortable with. 


Keysteps12 founder, Michael Imonroe, is a member of the National Council of Psychotherapists and Member of Federation of Drug and Alcohol professionals. 


For more information contact [email protected] or call 07908 230 088.

Training and qualifications

People should choose me and my practice Key Steps 12 because I am not only an experienced practitioner, I have actually been through the issues many clients have experienced and come out the other side.

I put myself into clients shoes and listen with empathy and understanding in order to help you deal with any negative thoughts and feelings you may be experiencing. But I also help clients move on from positions they don't want to be to a more positive space in a time frame that is comfortable to them.

I am passionate about empowering clients and utilise Cognitive behavioural therapy, a person-centred approach, and motivational interviewing therapy to achieve this aim.

I also use natural organic remedies that can support and enhance treatment.


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Behavioural therapy Couples therapy Integrative Solution-focused therapy Transactional analysis Issues often worked with:

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