Melanie Ellis: Body psychotherapy Psychotherapist, Cambridge, CB5 Cambridge, CB24
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Melanie Ellis

Body psychotherapy psychotherapist
Cambridge CB5 , Cambridge CB24
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About Me

Through the art of Body (or Somatic) Psychotherapy, my vocation is helping you to overcome your personal problems and reconnect with your true self.

Founded on the principle that body and mind are one, body psychotherapy is a holistic approach which includes talking therapy whilst paying particular attention to what the body has to say. That's why, in addition to verbal communication, I use non verbal therapeutic techniques to help individuals feeling whole again, aligned with themselves, others and their environment.

Indeed, our psychological states, emotions, trauma and stresses are not just experienced by the mind but are also felt and held in the body. They are reflected in our posture, breathing patterns, muscle tension etc. Each of us forms some unique emotional, bodily and thoughts patterns to adapt to our environment.

These patterns, defences or strategies help us at the time of difficulty or crisis. They help us to survive. However, some of these patterns might not help us anymore in the present time. We suffer and we don’t know why. We want to change but we don’t know how.

By creating new bridges between parts of the selves, Body Psychotherapy can help individuals to restore feelings of wholeness. Vehicles for self-exploration are used such as cushions, mattress, mindfulness exercises, visualisations, movements, biodynamic massage or drawing. Techniques may vary from one session to another but the common thread, and most important, is a trusting therapeutic relationship. Change can only occur for individuals when feelings of safety are developed in the therapy room, so you can contact, access and grow your true inner self. 


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Melanie Ellis - Body Psychotherapy and Biodynamic Massage
28 Ditton Walk

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Melanie Ellis - Body Psychotherapy and Biodynamic Massage
2 Twenty Pence road
CB24 8SP

Issues often worked with

Burnout/Work-Related Stress
Childhood difficulties
Complex PTSD
Cultural issues
Family issues
Interpersonal relationships

Therapy offered

In person

Client groups



My fee is £50 per session. Clients are usually seen for 60 mins weekly, the same day and time each week. I also offer low-cost therapy depending on availability.

To arrange an initial conversation on the phone or to book an initial appointment (free of charge), please email me, give me a call or send me a text. I am happy to answer any questions over the phone as best I can. 

Sessions are usually in person but in some cases appointments can also be available via Zoom.

Training and qualifications

Trained at the Cambridge Body Psychotherapy Centre since 2017, I am a Body Psychotherapist working towards my UKCP accreditation. I am also a Biodynamic Massage therapist and member of the Association of Biodynamic Massage Therapists. I also offer Affective Touch. Finally, I also hold Counselling certificates accredited by the BACP since 2015.

Before I embarked on a psychotherapy training, I had different careers and travelled across many countries. As a French national, I first worked in the aid development sector in Africa as a researcher and project manager. Then I settled in the UK and became a secondary school teacher for a few years.

These various experiences helped me to consider what identity, home and relationships can mean for each of us and what can be in the way of connecting with our true self. With demands of modern life and an exponential exposure to social media, remaining close to who we really are is increasingly challenging, nevertheless I believe possible. 

Verified professional membership

TRAINEE: UK Council for Psychotherapy