What is Biodynamic massage therapy?

Biodynamic massage therapy is a non-verbal, touch-based, holistic therapy. It is a branch of body psychotherapy and was founded by Gerden Boyesen, a clinical psychologist, physiotherapist and analyst.

Biodynamic massage therapy is based on the belief that the ways in which we respond to events in our lives often leave tracks, traces and residue stored in the body which show up as changes in fluid, muscle, tissue and structure. When we experience conflict, anxieties and stress these experiences are not just thoughts alone, they often have associated feelings and if these feelings are not processed effectively, they may appear as physical symptoms. Through engaging with physical symptoms, biodynamic massage therapy can help bring about letting go of what is not needed, restoring balance and reconnecting in ways that are affirming.

Qualified biodynamic massage therapist can approach a presented condition in a variety of ways. The range of options are drawn from:

  1. massage-based methods
  2. functional ways of working with joints and structure
  3. simple re-affirming contact to promote a sense of safety and security
  4. methods intended to calm, deepen, lighten or strengthen
  5. ways to rebalance the distribution of energy
  6. working without touch at the level of the aura

Practically, there are three aspects of biodynamic massage delivery that are distinct:

  1. Oil is not used so there is direct contact between the therapist and client
  2. There is no requirement to undress
  3. A stethoscope placed on the belly to listen to gut rumblings called Psycho-Peristalsis are used by the therapist as each session progresses.

Here is biodynamic massage therapist Lindsey Nicholas explaining more:

Who benefits from biodynamic massage therapy?

Reasons for coming to biodynamic massage therapy are varied and could include the following:

As a therapeutic intervention, a minimum of 6 sessions is recommended. It is particularly suited for people who are looking for highly attuned massage therapists who are able to work responsively in the moment and can tailor their approach in specific ways to suit each person and their needs.

As a complementary therapy, biodynamic massage therapy may work well alongside medical and talk-based therapies.

It is not recommended for serious trauma, where body psychotherapy may be more suitable.

Relevant associations

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Last updated 21 May 2020