Lindsey Nicholas: Body psychotherapy Psychotherapist, Ipswich, IP4 WOODBRIDGE, IP12
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Lindsey Nicholas

Body psychotherapy psychotherapist
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About Me


I am currently offering on-line therapy throughout the duration of this crisis and beyond. Many people find the idea of doing therapy on-line intimidating. I sympathise! Dealing with technology, seeing another person, being seen by another person on a screen, the potentiality for lost/missed communication, can seem very off-putting. Sometimes, exploring the barriers as well as the opportunities for communicating this way, can be a starting place for therapy. It can alleviate anxiety and a sense of isolation. I offer a safe, contained therapeutic environment. It is still possible to do body psychotherapy in a on-line setting.

About me

My own personal experience of therapy is that it can help support us to become more successful - in relationships, in work, and also, most importantly in terms of sensing and accepting ourselves just as we are.

In the spirit of our therapeutic alliance, I will meet you with reliability, empathy and without judgement.

As a body psychotherapist I try to be with you with my whole self - in mind, body and spirit.

About Body Psychotherapy

Many emotional and psychological difficulties can benefit from a body-based approach: anxiety, depression, eating and body image disorders, trauma, bereavement, for example. There may also be physical problems that you sense have an emotional component to them.

As with many therapies, much of our work is done face to face, sitting in chairs. But below talking we are also doing other work: sensing how the body is responding from moment-to-moment. The body is our first language and when we are very young, non-verbal communication is our primary means of communication. Much happens in the first few months and years of life, before conscious processing develops, and it is the emotional regulation provided by a relationship with an attuned caregiver that enables us to gain psychological resilience in later life. Body psychotherapy can work at this level, to get below 'thinking' and and provide relief from the sense that 'talking won't change anything'; or that 'this is just how I am' or 'nothing's going to do any good'. By tracking what is happening in the moment, we can tap into feelings and sensations that we may have learnt to repress as a way of coping. Learning to attune to ourselves and allow feelings to follow their natural trajectory through the body/brain, to complete their cycle of expression, is a crucial aspect of healing. It can also strengthen our 'felt sense' of who we are and in doing so help us form stronger relationships with others.

I work well with clients who are curious, open and committed. I am particularly interested in long-term therapeutic relationships, but I also offer short-term work, often through working with biodynamic massage.

About Biodynamic Massage?

As a psychotherapeutic tool, biodynamic massage can support emotional regulation in the way I've described above; by allowing our flow of energy and feeling to complete their natural cycles in the body. Massage can also provide us with a 'felt sense' of being contained and alive in our bodies, and strengthen our sense of boundaries - our internal recognition of where we end and others begin. 

If appropriate I also offer biodynamic massage at complementary level, where the aim is to release energetic and emotional blocks and to work with the body's natural movement towards health. This can bring psychological benefits as described above but is less exploratory in terms of working out what might be the underlying causes to our problems. I would usually ask you to come for biodynamic massage for a minimum of six sessions.

You can find out more about me and the work we can do together at:


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Quay Place

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IP12 3QZ

Issues often worked with

Family issues
Bipolar disorder
Body dysmorphic disorder
Body-focused repetitive behaviours
Complex PTSD
Panic attacks

Therapy offered

In person
By phone
On video

Client groups



My current fee is £50 an hour.

Training and qualifications

I completed my training at the Cambridge Body Psychotherapy Centre, and am now working towards full accreditation with the UK Council of Psychotherapy (UKCP). I also have a Foundation Diploma in Biodynamic Massage.

I am a member of the Association of Biodynamic Massage Therapists (ABMT) and adhere to its code of ethics. I am also registered with the Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC). 

Verified professional membership

TRAINEE: UK Council for Psychotherapy

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