Jennifer Broadley: Human Givens Psychotherapist, By Montrose, DD10
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Jennifer Broadley

Human Givens psychotherapist
Online , By Montrose DD10
Limited availability

About Me

Health, finances, relationships, career, family, fitness and unexpected change – life can get complicated.

Please get in touch with me if you're here searching for fast, effective results with depression, anxiety, panic attacks, trauma, or relationship re-thinks.

My therapy practice, Healthy Chat, is now fully online - accessible from anywhere in the UK (and overseas) - and your therapy session can be on Zoom, Skype or FaceTime (or phone if necessary) - whatever works best for you. 

Over many years I've noticed that clients are almost always more resourced for the changes they want to see in their life than they first think. Sometimes it's just the opportunity to borrow a brain for an hour, while you talk through how you most want your story to unfold, that gets a person quickly re-focussed and back on track.

Through Healthy Chat you have access to life-changing conversations. I use Human Givens psychotherapy and counselling because it's fast and effective and most people can be helped in 4-6 sessions (although some people only need one or two, and others with more complex difficulties may require more). It puts your time and money investments in context when you get back to living your life quickly and confidently in such a short timeframe.

As a qualified Human Givens Therapist and a trained Executive Coach, I've been grateful to spend over 18 years supplying life-changing conversations to people from all walks of life, with a vast array of skills and with a colourful range of dreams and desired outcomes. 

What you get from me
: fast, effective and practical therapeutic conversations & outcomes. A Healthy Chat will take one of 3 forms:

  • Therapy: relief from depression, anxiety, panic attacks, trauma, phobias, addiction, eating disorders, divorce complexities, stress and poor sleep.
  • Counselling: equipping you for strong relationships, successful marriage, healthy divorce, blended or extended families, new parenting, parenting teenagers, empty nesting, career change, business growth, fitness or sporting high performance, wholesome bereavement & happy retirement.
  • Coaching: for personal and professional ongoing high achieving: inspiring you to show up in a bigger way at home, at work, and for yourself; exploring your relationship with risk and how to trustingly face fears; choosing the experiences you want in your future; adding meaning to ambition; staying happy, healthy and on plan for your success.


If what you read here sounds like it's what you're looking for, get in touch now by email or phone: you can book a first session today; or request a 15-minute initial phone call so I can answer any questions you might still have. 

I look forward to hearing from you. 



Feedback from some recent Healthy Chat clients:

  • “After years of anxiety and irrational thoughts I made a phone call to Jennifer, made an appointment and couldn’t believe the change (even after 1 session) that she helped me achieve.” - Peter, Aberdeenshire (4 sessions)
  • “Having seen Jennifer 4 times, twice with my husband and twice alone, I cannot express enough how much she helped save our marriage. We were at a crisis point and without her help I’m not sure we would have managed to move forward..” - Christine, Edinburgh (4 sessions)
  • “The strategies she gave my son were simple for him to manage and he began using them right away.” Natalie, Fife (2 sessions)
  • "By the second session I was equipped with enough ways to deal with my panic and anxiety and combined with some positive life changes that were encouraged gradually, I saw improvements in my condition much faster than the medication I was on.." Liam, Oxfordshire (3 sessions)
  • “Healthy Chat helped to reframe me, my family and my work. I’ve found it an amazing process to go through these conversations.” - Elliot, France (3 sessions)


Please get in touch with Jennifer now:

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First Practice
Healthy Chat
By Montrose
DD10 9LL


I also provide my services online.

Issues often worked with

Panic attacks
Couple relationships
Family issues

Therapy offered

On video
By phone

Client groups



  • Single session: £120.00 for 60 minutes
  • Couples session: £150.00 for 60 minutes
  • Student sessions: £80.00 for 60 mins
  • Clinical supervision: £80.00 for 60 minutes

When considering the value of these sessions it might help for you to know that Human Given's therapy is recognised as a fast and effective brief therapy. Most people can be helped in 4-6 sessions, although some people only need one or two, and others with more complex difficulties may require more.  


I hope you'll find that re-assuring when you compare it to:
* how long you've been suffering / compromising up until now
* how quickly you could feel better


My intention is to help you in as few sessions as possible.


Please get in touch with me now by:

  • Email: [email protected]
  • Tel: 07798 792763

Training and qualifications

Accredited Supervisor 2020

Human Givens Post Graduate Diploma 2012

Executive Coach Post Graduate Diploma 2002

BA Publishing 1992

Verified professional membership

Human Givens Institute