Celestia Spong Mindfulness counsellor ,

As a Counsellor and Psychotherapist, I have over a decade worth of knowledge, education, training and experience in the areas of emotional health, self development and psychotherapy, covering various modalities both Western and Eastern.  I have an empathetic, relational approach that Is integrative so tailored around the needs of each client.  Staying open to working with my clients in the most supportive mode for them at that time is an important factor in my work.  I specialise in Mindfulness, Childhood trauma, anxiety, depression, self esteem, and I have a particular passion for working with those wishing to/have started to embark on a self development/authentic living journey.


My own personal journey through childhood, marriage and motherhood kickstarted my desire to work in the emotional/mental health space, with a focus on healing trauma, living authentically, deepening relationships and breaking free of unhealthy behaviour patterns and belief systems.  I am deeply passionate about relationships and connections as I recognise that they are the cornerstone to life and wellness.  I draw on the following therapeutic approaches: Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Humanistic Therapies Psychodynamic psychotherapy, Existential psychotherapy, Gestalt psychotherapy, mindfulness and somatic therapy. 

Training and qualifications

Bsc Psychology

PGcert Gestalt Psychotherapy 

Diploma counselling

Mindfulness based Cognitive Therapy (completing training)



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