Cassie Maund-Powell Cognitive behaviour therapy psychotherapist , GL53

If you have been struggling for a while this is the first step to getting help. Email or call me and once we meet we can start to figure it out. Therapy is really an investment in your future and many people feel that their lives have been changed fundamentally by it.

I have a core training in counselling taking an integrative approach which focuses on the therapy relationship. Further to that training I did a two year MSc in Psychological Therapies specialising in CBT. I believe that any orientation of therapy can be helpful but some take more time than others. It is vital that you as the client, feel that I as the therapist, understand you and accept you in a non-judgemental, unconditional way. If you can start to trust me and in the process then you can use therapy appropriately to feel that you are able to change.

In the first session we explore your reasons for coming to therapy and you have the chance to tell me what you want to be different, how you would like it to be and how you will know when this has happened. Subsequent sessions would help you to understand what is stopping you from achieving those aims. Fundamentally I am a positivist, so I believe everything you are doing has a positive intention even though it may feel negative.

My qualifications form a set of tools that I interweave into the therapy as appropriate. Rather than you coming out of sessions feeling "Theraped" I aim to help you take away your own set of tools so you can solve problems that come your way. The sessions are collaborative so you will be able to set the agenda and work on the issues that are bothering you the most.

Some people worry about having to come along to therapy and talk about their childhood experiences, other people welcome the opportunity to do this. It may be vital for me to understand aspects of your development from childhood through to where you are now, much in the same way as a doctor would take a medical history. Many of the issues we all struggle with were formed in childhood, therapy can be about learning new ways of coping that are more appropriate to the here and now.

I also offer Financial Coaching which is a powerful way of changing your attitudes and behaviours around money.  We can help you understand why you do what you do and also help to change it.   My role is to help you figure out the best course of action for you but also to provide you with a range of options that you may not have considered previously.  Repeating patterns of behaviour are often most evident in the way we relate to money and financial issues.  I feel passionately about helping you become the conscious driver in your financial life.

Training and qualifications

MSc in Psychological Therapies CBT

Post Graduate Diploma in Professional Counselling

Master Practitioner of NLP (Bandler/McKenna)

Financial Coaching Certificate




£60 per 60 minute hour for individuals; £80 for organisations & EAP's

Please ask for consessions if low wage; student; unemployed

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