Amanda Stewart: Hypnotherapy Hypnotherapist, Crystal Palace, London, SE19
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Amanda Stewart

Hypnotherapy hypnotherapist
Crystal Palace, London SE19
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About Me

My name is Amanda and if you're experiencing any of the issues below, then I'd love to work with you.

Dysfunctional childhood or insecure attachment. Addicted to love and choosing the wrong partners.

Anxiety. Low self-esteem. Anger. Loneliness.


Insecure Attachment – Is This You?


·             Anxious & over-clingy in relationships. Devastated when relationships end. Unable to really trust others. Jealousy towards your partner.  


·             Afraid of getting close to others. Making excuses to avoid sex with partner. Uncomfortable with showing emotions. Overly sensitive to criticism.

·             Generally depressed & anxious. Low self-esteem.


How I can help


·             I can identify any past trauma & re-frame this so you can move on

·             I can help you genuinely and permanently change your negative beliefs that you have about yourself & your world.

·             I can help you to start liking yourself and accepting yourself. Even loving yourself!

·             I can help you feel safe, reduce anxiety and to always have practical tools to manage difficult emotions if they arise.


How This Can Change Your Life


·             Have the relationships you deserve: partners, friends and children will all benefit.

·             Start having the life you want.  

·             Improve your career & your professional relationships

·             A secure feeling of self-esteem which will take you wherever you want to go.


Dysfunctional Upbringing – Does this Describe Your Childhood?


·             Being shouted at/criticised/called a name simply for making childish mistakes we all make

·             Being expected to act at an older emotional age than you were capable of even when you were not at the developmental stage to do this.

·             Your own needs came secondary to your parents’ needs.  

·             Your thoughts, ideas and emotions were undermined or belittled.


 Dysfunctional Upbringing Effects – Does this Describe You?


·             Low self-esteem. You think others are better than you.

·             Difficulty with boundaries – you don’t always know how to say ‘no’ & how to protect yourself. Or your boundaries are too strong so you keep people out through anger, fear or avoiding them.

·             Difficulty dealing with reality. Not knowing what your thoughts are. Difficulty accepting certain emotions such as anger or shame. Feeling numb.

·             Unable to know what you need and want. You may be very dependent on others to take care of you. Or you cannot meet your own needs but cannot ask others for help.

·             Experiencing overwhelming emotions and feeling unable to cope.


 How I can Help


·             I can identify any past trauma & re-frame this so you can move on.

·             I can help you genuinely and permanently change your negative and unhelpful beliefs that you have about yourself & your world.

·             I can help you educate yourself so you understand why you feel and behave as you do.

·             I can show you how to manage overwhelming emotions and calm yourself when feeling stressed, angry or sad.


 How This Can Change Your Life


·             Stop the cycle of generational trauma and prevent this passing onto your own children.

·             Have a grounded relationship with yourself for the rest of your life.

·             Have richer and loving relationships with others.

·             To truly understand your own needs and wants so that you can take control of your own life.

·             To experience peace and security. Find meaning in your life.


 Anxiety – Is This You?


·             Constantly worried or on edge.

·             Not being able to stop or control worrying.

·             Not being able to relax.

·             Feeling as though something awful might happen.

·             Being easily annoyed or irritable.

·             Having panic attacks. 


How I can Help


·             Get to the root of your anxious thoughts & identify any limiting beliefs

·             Re-frame any trauma or significant events

·             Teach you strategies to reduce the biological responses to anxiety

·             Teach you tools to reduce and manage anxiety on your own


How This Can Change Your Life


·             Take control of your life - you won’t be at the mercy of anxiety any longer

·             Feel safe and grounded without those awful physical feelings that often accompany anxiety

·             Have the freedom from fear so you can do the things you actually want to do

       Feel relaxed at work, in social situations and with other people



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First Practice
Amanda Stewart Therapy
3E Foresters Hall, 25-27 Westow Street
Crystal Palace, London
SE19 3RY

Issues often worked with

Panic attacks
Social anxiety
Attachment disorder
Childhood difficulties
Emotional abuse

Therapy offered

In person
On video

Client groups



Most clients require between 3-6 sessions

Single Sessions

£85 online

£100 face-to-face Crystal Palace or Sydenham therapy rooms


Programme x4 therapy sessions £320

Smoking Cessation programme £350

FREE telephone consultation

Training and qualifications

Quest Institute Trained by Trevor Silvester (a world-leader in hypnotic language)

HPD (National Council of Hypnotherapy Diploma)

DipCHyp (NCH accredited Cognitive Hypnotherapy Diploma)

Master Practitioner in NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming)

Certified NLP Coach




Verified professional membership

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