Agnieszka BURBAN: Cognitive behaviour therapy Psychotherapist, London, SE13
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Agnieszka BURBAN

Cognitive behaviour therapy psychotherapist
London SE13
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About Me


How amazing you found me here :-)

I am a psychotherapist with a special interest in relationship psychology and a love & relationship coach.

My clients come to me when they:

---> Had a bad breakup or divorce

---> Still feel stuck after a failed relationship

---> Have gone through one bad relationship to another

---> Feel angry and disappointed with their previous relationships and would like to leave behind the thoughts and feelings that take them back into the past

---> Lost hope in True Love

---> Want to finally have a truly happy, committed and passionate relationship with a partner who will adore them, and with whom they will feel at home, safe, cherished and loved.



It´s simple. We focus on healing all the pain from the past that keeps you stuck and then roll up our sleeves and start creating the perfect conditions for attracting THE ONE.

It is a dynamic and radical process we will go through and I can compare it to a complete internal makeover (which is NOT going to take ages!).


If you feel fed up with your love life and have said to yourself "enough is enough" - then you are my perfect client. Yes, sometimes we need to be pushed to an extreme and feel fed up to create a complete shift. 


The process is not about dating advice or tricks to attract someone. This does not work long term. 


I use a 7-STEP proven system where we release the internal baggage, blocks and barriers to love. 


The process dramatically transforms your love life and people report extraordinary breakthroughs and success stories. 




Well, we cannot get different results using the same thinking and actions we have used over the years. And the system I use is different from a typical therapy process. We will primarily focus on what you would like to create in your future (rather than dig a lot in the past) and use the 7-step process to take you there.

There is also an ingredient in the process which does not exist anywhere else.

The good thing about the process is that it also works if  you are already in a relationship and would like to uplevel it (for example, have a sense of connection with your partner again). I work with many women who are in relationships and as they change through the steps we go through, their relationships transform. Truly, this makes my heart skip a beat :)


Sounds good?

You do not have to believe it now. Many did not before starting the process.

**** MY STORY ********************

It took me many years to find happiness in love.

I tried coaching, dating tips, dating men online … I was stuck in relationships which were leaving me anxious, disconnected to my partner, where I did not really feel loved, prioritised and cherished. Eventually, I got to a point which "broke the camels back". When the man who I loved dearly left, I felt my world fell apart. It was also at that point I decided "something needs to change". That I needed to change.

Shortly after my breakup, one day in London I saw the famous Katherine Woodward Thomas - the author of the bestselling book "Calling in The One" - at a workshop about conscious uncoupling, and I decided to become one of her Calling in The One coaches. Immediately after I completed my training, one of my trainee clients, a 50-something-year old  woman with a long track record of failed  relationships, found the most beautiful, loving and committed man. She successfully broke the old patterns after 8 weeks of coaching!

As for me, my miracle man crossed my path a few weeks later, and at the moment I least expected. It is the first time in my life I feel truly calm, safe, prioritised and cherished in a relationship with a man.

How does it feel now? I don´t even know where to begin. It feels so good that I do consider it a miracle. I feel treated like a precious gem which was my intention, I am seen for who I am with all my vulnerabilities. Since I attracted a highly masculine energy man, I cherish every day a man who is more than happy to give to me and be there for me. He is happy to serve me tea in the morning and when I am tired after a long walk he tells me to relax on the sofa and cooks a hot meal. He plans our trips and fun evenings to see friends or enjoy a delicious meal in a restaurant. And the best part? We can be honest with each other and talk even about the "difficult" feelings without a fear of being rejected or judged. We hold space for each other and support each other´s goals. 

Do you think this is not going to happen for you?

I used to think that happy love life happens to others but not me as well.

This is of course not true. It can happen to you as well.

The process I take my clients through is the same process I used to create my dream relationship.

And if I could do it after 40 years of failed attempts, so can you!!!

It is completely possible to take our love life in our hands.

We just need to want it enough and stay deeply committed to our intention.


I am happy to connect with you for a brief chat and answer your questions. The initial consultation is free of charge and after a quick Love Check, we arrange for a taster session where you can actually experience the method I teach.

I work only online (and it works wonderfully for me and my clients and business partners).


To your amazing breakthrough in your Love Life,

Agnieszka xxx

Click here to watch the interview in which I discuss how to create happy and lasting love:

To connect with me and read tips about love and relationships go here:

If you are a woman, you can join my free and extremely high-vibration community (closed facebook group) where I share personal stories and value-packed information on dating and relationships:

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SE13 7AP

Issues often worked with

Couple relationships
Cultural issues
Family issues
Gender diversity
Interpersonal relationships

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By phone
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I am happy to discuss the fees during the initial "Love Check" consultation.

The consultation itself is free of charge.

Please make sure to check the links on my work in the bio above prior to contacting me.


Training and qualifications

MSc Psychology

PgDip Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy

Verified professional membership

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