Aarun Naik: Integrative Psychotherapist, LIVERPOOL, L17
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Aarun Naik

Integrative psychotherapist
Online , LIVERPOOL L17
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About Me

I work with people aged 18+ from a a diverse range of backgrounds and cover a number of different issues. I offer a range of appointment times, including daytime, evenings and weekends. I also offer support to clients across different time zones. 

As a counsellor I aim to be many things - clear, honest, practical and realistic amongst others - but, above all, I want you to know this: it is possible to have a different relationship with your struggles.

Feeling overwhelmed, stuck in a low place, self-destructive or even suicidal is more common than you might think. Reaching out for some objective, confidential support is a brave and proactive step to take.

I don’t promise a perfect or instant ‘fix’ - I’m sceptical that such a thing exists, truth be told - but being more present in the moment, feeling more fulfilled or energetic, challenging negative thought cycles and changing your relationship with the past are all achievable goals which we can work towards, together.



“Do you think I’d benefit from counselling?” is a question I’m often asked.

Counselling gives you space and time to think and talk through things that are troubling you - a process most people could benefit from. If you’re thinking about it, the answer is probably ‘yes’.

It might be helpful to look over the following list and see if any of the issues resonate with you. Remember, however, that this isn’t an exhaustive set of problems, nor is it necessary to be at ‘rock bottom’ or a crisis point to find value in counselling.

Concerns I can help with:

        Feeling overwhelmed

        Struggling with feelings of shame, guilt and worthlessness

        Feeling lost, lacking motivation, interest or meaning in life

        Knowing you’re not taking care of yourself/feeling self-destructive

        Feelings of despair or hopelessness



        Dealing with bereavement and loss


        Difficulty in your relationships

        Difficulty reaching important decisions

        Facing change and challenges and needing support

        Feeling stuck

        Struggling with belief and confidence

        Going through a life transition

·       Struggling with anxieties triggered by the coronavirus pandemic



I use an integrative approach in my counselling which, as the name suggests, means combining a number of different therapy styles. These depend on you, and what I believe will best support you. We are all different, and part of the counselling experience is about realising that many of the answers and solutions we seek are already inside us. Talking to someone in a therapy context can help us to uncover them.

At the foundation of my approach is the importance of creating safety and trust, giving you space and time to share your personal difficulties, to talk freely about things that concern you and, to explore thoughts and feelings that you might not normally share: an approach known as ‘person-centred counselling’.

In addition to cognitive work, sometimes we might use exercises that give you an experience of being in deeper feelings. This is because we can often learn more about ourselves and come to realisations by actually BEING IN the experience as opposed to solely TALKING ABOUT the experience : an approach known as 'experiential therapy'.

We may also explore your dilemmas in the context of the wider family in which you grew up. This is because we take on beliefs, roles and values based on events that happen in our family through the generations. This can unconsciously shape who we are and how we behave in the world today (In therapy speak this is ‘Family Systems Theory’).

Where it might be helpful and appropriate, we can use Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT): a practical, self-help technique from the exciting and emerging field of energy psychology. 

I am also influenced by 'mind-body' approaches such as mindfulness, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Non-Violent Communication and the Twelve-step recovery principles.

However, it all depends on what I believe will best support you. Everybody is different and we will draw from different approaches in the way that best supports your growth and evolution. Most of all it's about supporting you to make your own discoveries and find your own answers. I believe within each of us we all have the innate potential and resources that we need to be able to move through our struggles and grow.

Together we’ll set goals for what you would like to achieve from your sessions and we’ll work at your pace.



It’s vital that you feel comfortable working with a therapist, and so I always arrange an initial consultation session. For this, we meet in person or using online video link to work through some initial assessment questions and to give you the chance to ask questions of your own. This free initial consultation lasts for up to one hour and comes with no obligation to continue.  

If you are interested to explore working with me please get in touch

For more information visit my website.

Whilst my website concentrates on my wider work providing counselling and training to those in the farming community, please note I work with individuals from all walks of life


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First Practice
L17 0BL


I also provide my services online.

Issues often worked with

Finding meaning
Interpersonal relationships
Performance anxiety
Sexual abuse
Cultural issues

Therapy offered

On video
In person

Client groups



Individual Counselling Rates 

Face-to-face counselling:     £55 per session 

Online counselling via Zoom:  £45 per session

Each session lasts up to an hour.

If you have genuine difficulty affording these fees,  I am open to a reasonable reduction to ensure you get the help you need.



Training and qualifications

      Diploma in Transpersonal Counselling Psychology

      Member of The National Council of Psychotherapists and The National Counselling Society

      Mindfulness Teacher accredited by the UK College of Mindfulness Meditation

      Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) - Certified, Accredited Practitioner

      Graduate of USA's 'Tapping out of Trauma' programme & foundation-level training in 'Somatic Experiencing' (Body-oriented method)

       Trained in 'Nonviolent Communication' (NVC)

      Several years’ experience facilitating group therapy

      I undertake 30 hours of further professional development each year

Verified professional membership

National Council of Integrative Psychotherapists (Counsellors, Hypnotherapists & Psychotherapists Only)