Andrew Keefe
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Andrew Keefe

Health and Fitness, and Personal Development Coaching
London E3
Limited availability

About me

Losing weight can seem really simple to other people: "Just move more and eat less." But the reasons why someone might feel they need to lose weight are a complex mixture of lifestyle (diet and physical activity levels), pressures from people around them and their psychological and emotional health and history, including difficult experiences in the past. I'm a Nutrition & Weight Management Advisor and also a Personal Trainer and Psychotherapist and I use all of these skills to help people reach a healthy weight and feel better about themselves. I can help you with what you're eating and develop an exercise programme for you and show you ways to be active during the day, so you can burn off the energy you need to achieve and keep a healthy weight. I can teach you "Mindful Eating" practice to build your awareness of when you are eating to stifle difficult emotions and memories and of your body's states of emptiness and fullness  .I can show you how to take in the nourishment you need and to stop eating when full. It may be you don't actually need to lose weight, but feel under pressure to, from the images around you on social media and in advertising: you may have a distorted view of your own body image or perhaps be struggling with an eating disorder. I use my therapeutic skills to help people learn to have a healthier relationship with their body and find a healthy weight and lifestyle. I can also help you therapeutically with any underlying stresses or traumas in your life which might be contributing to issues with food and eating.

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East London / City, Therapy & Fitness
E3 4EH


I also provide my services online.

Types of coaching offered

Health and Fitness
Personal Development

Coaching focuses

Stress Management
Weight Loss

Coaching offered

By phone
On video


Personal Training sessions and Nutrition / Weight Management & Healthy Lifestyle coaching sessions - £60 an hour

Psychotherapy sessions:  £70 to £100 an hour, dependent on income.

If you book a PT or weight management coaching session and a psychotherapy session per week, the cost is £130 per week.


Professional associations

UK Council for Psychotherapy

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