Psychotherapy is a talking therapy which often involves medium or longer term therapy (periods of 6 months or more). As a result, the focus may be on addressing both immediate issues and concerns as well as the deeper reasons and motivations behind them. However, many psychotherapists also have the training and experience to work in a short term way and do so when they feel it is appropriate.

Psychotherapists usually need to complete a minimum of three years training and accrue 450 hours of experience working with clients before they can qualify. However, many psychotherapists have even more extensive training, having completed a Masters or Doctorate in Psychotherapy which is typically a minimum of 4-5 years training. On the directory we also welcome those trainee psychotherapists whose training bodies have deemed them 'fit to practice'. Their status as a trainee is visible on their public profile.

As with counsellors, psychotherapists are normally trained to work with specific client groups – adults, couples, children or families – and some have undertaken training to work with more than one of these client groups.

We have a large number of qualified, experienced psychotherapists on our directory from around London and the rest of the UK.

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What is psychotherapy?

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