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Learn and improve your practice online

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   Enjoy instant access to 1000s of expert resources
   Enhance your therapy practice
   Keep abreast with clinical topics and new trends
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Join the Welldoing Learning Hub

How we help therapists learn and improve their practice online

We have partnered with one of the world's leading e-learning businesses to build this easy-to-use portal of curated content plus exclusive content from welldoing.org.

The Welldoing Learning Hub is designed to bring together in one place all the materials you need to manage a thriving private therapy practice, stay up-to-date with your professions, and fulfil CPD requirements.

We know that our members are often extremely pressed for time, and that client appointments mean you cannot always travel to lectures or conferences.

The Welldoing Learning Hub, available for an annual fee, is always available, easily searchable, and all the content and courses you complete will be tracked, so you can quite simply show the CPD you have completed in any period.

Learn about the Welldoing Learning Hub, how it works,
and why you should subscribe to it

A taste of the Welldoing Learning Hub

Discover what it is like to enhance your therapy practice

Learning online, whether it's via video or the written word, interaction or lectures, is convenient and cost-effective; many other professions receive most of their CPD in this way. We look forward to introducing you to our top-quality learning portal to show you just how simple and satisfying e-learning can be.

Why should I sign up to e-learning?

  • Enjoy instant access to 1000s of expert resources, with your learning tracked online for CPD
  • Enhance your therapy practice in any area: business admin, finance, marketing, health and safety, customer management
  • Keep abreast with clinical topics and new trends, including curated content from welldoing.org therapists and experts
  • A single annual fee gives you access to more than 50,000 pieces of exclusive content, constantly updated
  • Variety of formats to suit your needs: lectures, animations, reading material, interactive modules, from one minute to full courses
Add to welldoing.org membership +£100+VAT/year
"Welldoing.org is so well placed to match patients with the right therapist to suit their needs. I've had such positive feedback from patients."
Dr Sophia Hilsley