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The offer:

2 months commission free guest bookings on Vrumi

Terms & Conditions

To qualify for the commission free bookings for the first 2 months of a newly listed room

through Vrumi (the Welldoing.org Offer ), you must:

1. create a valid Vrumi account using the Supplied Referral Code; and

2. create a booking on vrumi.com within the Qualifying Booking Period


For the purpose of the Welldoing.org Offer, the following expressions shall have the

meaning given opposite:

Qualifying Booking Period : valid between 26 May 2015 and 31 July 2015 (unless

terminated by mutual agreement earlier).

Qualifying Booking : a booking made on vrumi.com that takes place within the Qualifying

Booking Period on a Vrumi account created having entered the supplied referral code.

Supplied Referral Code : the code provided in promotional material relating to the

Welldoing.org Offer.

Vrumi : Vrumi Ltd, 38 Berkeley Square, London W1, Company number 09060476.

Welldoing.org: 4 Dunmore Road, London, NW6 6TR

Exclusions and Restrictions:

● You cannot be the Vrumi host of the Qualifying Booking.

● The Welldoing.org Offer is not open to existing Vrumi users, and anyone found to

have created a duplicate account will be disqualified from the offer.

● No other offers can be combined with the Welldoing.org Offer.

● The Welldoing.org Offer is open until 31 July 2015 although Vrumi and

Welldoing.org reserves the right to close this offer or extend the offer at any time in

its sole and absolute discretion.

All decisions relating to the Welldoing.org Offer and/or redemption of the W elldoing.org

Offer are final and binding. No discussions or correspondence with entrants or any other

person will be entered into by Vrumi or Welldoing.org. It will be the sole decision of Vrumi

as to whether any eligibility requirement has or has not been met. R equirements and

incentives to the Welldoing.org Offer may also be changed by Vrumi at any time. All

registrations and bookings shall be subject to the Vrumi Terms of Use .