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What is MyCognition?

MyCognition has developed a leading app that enhances cognitive fitness through a structured programme of insight, assessment and training. The apps are approved by the NHS and CE-marked. With over 18,000 user cases and six years’ of published clinical research, the app is suitable for all ages and genders and accessible on Android and iOS devices.

MyCognition PRO measures and monitors five key cognitive domains: executive function, attention, episodic memory, processing speed and working memory. Once you have taken the MyCQ assessment, you are given reports that explain the score and how this may relate to your daily tasks. Personalised training is then used to train each domain, but most intensely in the areas with the greatest need. This strengthens them and builds mental resilience.

What is cognitive fitness?

Poor cognitive fitness is a major component of, and a significant risk factor in, mental illnesses. People with a mental illness often report problems in certain areas of cognition, which can be defined as any form of information processing, mental operation, or intellectual activity such as thinking, reasoning, remembering, imagining, or learning.

Cognitive training can help you with poor mental health by balancing out your cognition, and strengthening the problem area, which reflects directly into your daily life. This helps to manage mental health conditions, reduce risk of mental illness and build mental resilience. Over time you can monitor your cognition, and if declines are detected, cognitive training can be used to strengthen your cognition.

In the workplace, symptoms can present themselves as:

  • lack of organisation and planning
  • poor decision-making
  • poor focus and memory
  • poor self-control skills
  • stress and anxiety
  • absenteeism

What does MyCognition include?

A comprehensive digital assessment app, MyCQ™:

  • takes 15 minutes compared to lengthy standard tests
  • is clinically validated against gold standard tests
  • delivers immediate cognitive function scoring in the form of reports, graphs and a score

A tailored cognitive therapy game, AquaSnap™:

  • a fun, interactive, easy-to-use video game
  • adapts to users’ MyCQ data to provide personalised cognitive training
  • takes 15 minutes a day to train five cognitive domains, with more intensity on those with greatest need
  • clinically proven results in 12 weeks

Insights and coaching to enhance overall wellness:

  • helps users to make informed choices about their overall well-being, with advice on exercise, nutrition, and sleep

MyCognition app design

Ways of using the app

Therapists can use MyCognition PRO to monitor and strengthen their own cognition but also for insight into the app, so they can suggest it to patients.

The MyCognition HOME version of the app can be used by patients who need to build mental resilience and strengthen their cognition to help improve their mental health. 

The app has been welcomed by experts in the area:

“MyCognition’s combined assessment-intervention approach is a true differentiator… a few others try to do both; MyCognition is the most comprehensive.”

Catherine May, Intentional Futures for Gates Foundation Leadership Team

"Gaining NIH, FDA or NHS approval is the milestone for establishing their credibility and effectiveness. The list of companies achieving this is small, but notable are MyCognition, assessment and training.”

Executive Function Skills for Student Success Report 2019 (Gates Foundation Report)

CASE STUDY: showing how MyCognition works

Snelstart is an IT company in the Netherlands and, like most companies, has an ageing workforce with increases in health-related issues that impact productivity. Cognitive fitness, psychological wellbeing and mental health are linked and contribute significantly to job performance, training success, quality of life and ultimately productivity. Increasing evidence shows that deficits in cognition are predictors and risk factors for mental illness, e.g., depression, anxiety and stress management and quality of life. 

MyCognition was used to measure, monitor and enhance employees’ cognitive fitness and mental wellbeing as a key part of the Superagers employees’ coaching journey. Volunteers participated in individual and group conversations with a coach to raise their awareness about routine habits and psychological status, which had an impact on their overall wellbeing and work performance, and to introduce and encourage the usage of MyCQ and AquaSnap for three months, with 15 minutes of cognitive training per day. 

The graph below shows the improvement on health, wellbeing and performance, which is good for the employer, the employee, their company, and for society in general. Keeping people fit and mentally healthy at work reduces the burden on the health and social services. Large improvements in MyCQ scores were reported. Employees moved from poor health states where they were at risk of mental illness, to good health states. The MyCognition cognitive assessment and training programme is a feasible, well-accepted and effective solution to improve corporate mental wellbeing alongside coaching.

Graph showing improved cognition fitness using MyCognition therapists are offered a FREE download of the MyCognition app to use and possibly share with their clients. For details, contact us at [email protected], with MyCognition in the subject line.


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