Tim Reynolds Bca MBACP MSc: Psychodynamic Psychotherapist, London, W1W London, EC4Y
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Tim Reynolds Bca MBACP MSc

Psychodynamic psychotherapist
London W1W , London EC4Y
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About Me


Talking things through can lead to change giving new perspectives on your situation and increased sense of personal choice, with a richer connection to yourself and others. Nobody is exempt from finding life overwhelming, perhaps it can feel that anxiety or depression has reached unbearable levels. Do you want to explore your thoughts and feelings within the safety of a therapeutic relationship?

Why Psychotherapy?

In a safe and confidential space you can talk in depth and together we can explore whatever is troubling you, making sense of your distress.

You can talk about whatever is on your mind, which you want to bring to your sessions; your concerns, thoughts and feelings, reflections and memories of your life past and present, relationship patterns or dreams.

Psychodynamic Psychotherapy has an understanding that our early experience is often significant to our psychological development. Unconscious feelings or emotions, often rise from events, relationships and experiences in our early lives, which can be the root causes of current emotional problems or distress

As a Jungian influenced Psychotherapist, my approach is to work with both unconscious and conscious components of your experience. Becoming conscious of these links between past and present can enable you to make more informed choices about your future and gain relief from emotional and psychological suffering.

Psychotherapy can be challenging, requiring commitment to work through difficult feelings. It can be enormously rewarding and enriching as you come gradually to self-understanding. Sometimes we hardly know ourselves at all.

My approach is warm, relational and non-judgemental, I do not offer advice and there is no manual, no agenda, no formula and no homework.

I am an experienced, professionally qualified and registered psychotherapist based in Central London. As part of my practice I work within the NHS and the Voluntary sector, and have experience of forensic, LGBT+ and drug and alcohol work. Having considerable experience of individual therapy, with adults of all ages and with people of all sexual and gender identities. I offer open-ended long term therapy with a special interest in Jungian Psychoanalytic theory.

Confidentiality ;

For psychotherapy to be effective trust must be part of the therapeutic process and all information disclosed is treated as confidential, whether in person, on the phone or by email.

Is it for me;

You might be struggling with a specific problem, but sometimes it is not so obvious what feels wrong. There is no particular point in life when people choose to begin therapy, is often when confronted by some sense of not being able to move forward or change. People have sought my help in the past for a wide diversity of reasons including:

·       feelings of hopelessness, despair or low self-confidence

·       feeling depressed, flat, lonely, isolated or having suicidal thoughts

·       feeling anxious, fearful or having panic attacks

·       finding it hard to make or sustain good relationships with intimacy

·       wanting to gain a better understanding of themselves

·       feelings related to loss such as bereavement or divorce

·       feelings related to trauma or abuse

·       sexual concerns or identity issues

·       difficulties dealing with anger or stress

·       addiction or compulsive behaviour

·       difficulties originating in family or work issues

·       eating disorders and body image

·       LGBTQ+ issues

·       bullying and its aftermath

You may recognize yourself in one or more of the above or something else entirely.

I am motivated by a curiosity about people and helping them to feel understood, enabling their capacity to develop. I believe that within the safety of the therapeutic relationship, real and lasting change can take place, with self-understanding comes personal growth and increased inner confidence. Believing each of us has a healer within, guiding us towards deeper more emotionally fulfilling relationships. 

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Tim Reynolds
17 Gosfield Street

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Tim Reynolds
89 Fleet St
City of London

Issues often worked with

Family issues
Cancer/serious illness
Sexual abuse
Sexuality and LGBTQ

Types of therapy


Therapy offered

In person
By phone
On video

Client groups



Initial consultation: £50 for 50 minutes

Ongoing session fee: £80 for 50 minutes, minimum of once weekly.

Fees are on a sliding scale taking into account individual circumstances and time of your session, we discussed fees during our initial meeting.

You are expected you to pay for any sessions, including sickness and holidays - this is ethical best practice, maintaining my availability within the context of a professional relationship.  

All fees are subject to annual review.

Getting in touch;

If you feel that you could benefit from the opportunity to talk, contact me to set up our first meeting, where you will have the opportunity to talk freely and in confidence, we can think about what is best for you. It is your opportunity to ask any questions you have about starting therapy. It is important to choose a therapist you can work with. If we decide to continue, we will agree the time for your sessions; these could be once or twice weekly. Each session lasts 50 minutes and the therapy would be open-ended.

Sometimes it can feel hard to make that initial contact. It is a positive step to ask for help and I welcome hearing from you and setting up an initial meeting, responding promptly, sensitively and in confidence.


Training and qualifications

I have an MSc in Psychodynamic Psychotherapy and Counselling from Birkbeck College, University of London.

As a member of the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (MBACP), I am bound by their ethics and standards. I have professional indemnity insurance.

I participate regularly in professional development ensuring that my practice affords the best-informed care.


Verified professional membership

British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy