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Today, we expect more, than ever before, from our intimate relationships - more excitement, more support and more connection - yet we often don't have the tools to meet those expectations. We find disappointment and unmet needs and either give up, or settle for second best because we have no idea how to make the best together.

I have been working with couples for over 10 years. I am inspired by the energy and wellbeing that a good intimate relationship gives us. Research shows that people who are in a committed long term relationship are happier, healthier and live longer.

The way I work:

Relationship difficulties - if you are stuck in destructive and repetitive patterns I can help you move on by promoting, and maintaining, an environment in which it is safe to lower your defences and to explore the underlying issues. We will look at what has gone wrong without blame, in order to give the two of you choices you may have lost sight of.

We will look at the reasons for the loss of connection and how the cycle of disappointment is being maintained. I will teach you new tools to safely share your thoughts, feelings, desires and beliefs, and strategies for rebuilding and maintaining your connection, and restoring intimacy.

Insight and decision work - this is for couples who are having trouble making a decision about whether to separate or to work on the relationship when one is leaning in and the other is leaning out. I will work with you individually to help you understand what has gone wrong and what part you may have played in the difficulties. Insight and understanding are vital to making such an important decision, especially when there are children involved.

Relationship building - this is for couples who believe there's a great relationship out there for them but just can't work out how to get there themselves. Perhaps you are disappointed, frustrated and bemoan your unmet needs but don't have any particular major issue. We will find the strategies and tools to build your relationship and the vision that you create together.

Individuals - if you find yourself stuck in a repetitive pattern with different partners, or your partner is unwilling to seek help with you, then I can work with you alone.



Training and qualifications

I have a Diploma in Clinical and Pastoral Counselling and a Certificate in Couples and Family Counselling. I am a graduate of the Developmental Model of Couples Therapy training under Ellyn Bader PhD at the Couples Institute.  I am a graduate of The Developmental Model of Couples Therapy training under Ellyn Bader Ph.D. at The Couples Institute.

My special interest in this work and my natural curiosity ensure that I am constantly learning in order to give my best to the people I work with.












Sessions are charged at £50 per 50 minute session for individuals and £70 for couples.

Online sessions are also available at the same cost.



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AnxietyCouple relationshipsCultural issuesInterpersonal relationshipsCancer/serious illnessSexual problems

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