Andy Mitchell: Addiction Therapist,
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Andy Mitchell

Addiction therapist
Has availability

About Me

Over 10 years of experience specialising in the Addiction and Mental Health Fields. 

How it works: We would generally agree to have six sessions after the initial introductory one. Therefore 7 in total. If more are required, they can be easily arranged. Please see below the areas we can cover in our sessions. 

My name is Andy Mitchell BA, MSc,  CPD Dip Addiction Therapy, a Professional Addiction Recovery Coach/Therapist and SMART Recovery Facilitator. I specialise in helping individuals help themselves within their Recovery Journey. I understand the difficult choices you have made to get this far, and reaching out at this time for professional help is a sign of strength. 

As a Recovery Coach/Therapist, I am there for you, whatever stage you are at within your journey. Are you contemplating stopping your addictive behaviour and need advice and support in the early stages? Are you feeling somewhat lost within your current stage of recovery? Are you in long term recovery and feel the need to introduce some positive recovery energy? 

Recovery Coaching is a confidential, collaborative and professional relationship in which you take centre stage. We will work on your goals and what is important to you for your life. It’s an opportunity for us to build a positive recovery relationship based on trust. 

Together, we can develop strategies and life skills and strengthen your resilience to embrace the challenges and opportunities that life offers. 

This will be achieved within the friendly and empathetic space we will create, supporting you both emotionally and practically. 

In our first session, we will get to know each other, talk about your expectations and requirements, and give you the opportunity to decide whether I'm the right person to help you. 


Areas we might cover:

  • Your Motivation
  • Relapse Prevention
  • Mindfulness
  • Identifying your triggers and coping skills
  • Building your resilience and navigating challenges
  • Managing your thoughts, feelings and behaviours
  • Expanding your support network
  • Developing your self-worth and a positive identity
  • Challenging self-stigmatisation
  • Planing and achieving goals to lead a balanced life


I have an MSc in the field of Occupational Therapy, specialising in Addiction Recovery.

I have continued to develop my skills as a Recovery Coach through Continual Professional Development, including a Diploma in Addiction Therapy.

I am accredited by the Professional Body of: Addiction Professionals Registration Body and Network and adhere to the  ADDICTION PROFESSIONALS STANDARDS OF CONDUCT AND ETHICS.

I have many years of lived experience of my own recovery and have helped many with theirs.

Alongside my lived experience, I have extensive professional training in the field of Addiction.

Specialising in Techniques of:

  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)
  • Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy (REBT)


I can help you with your Recovery Journey, collaboratively and positively.

I have an international background, British/Singaporean and German. I spend time between both the UK and Germany (ich spreche Deutsch).

I have been working for a Homeless Persons Charity for over 10 years as a therapist, helping people with their Mental Health and Addiction Recovery. I volunteer for SMART Recovery, facilitating online global Meetings.

Currently, I am doing a Doctoral Research Project (PhD) in the fields of Addiction, Occupational Therapy and Psychology.



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I provide my services online

Issues often worked with

Drug addiction
Finding meaning
Gambling addiction
Porn addiction
Smoking cessation

Therapy offered

By phone
On video

Client groups



Each session is £50 and lasts 50 minutes 

Training and qualifications

BA, MSc,  CPD Dip Addiction Therapy

Verified professional membership

Addiction Professionals