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Why come to therapy

I have worked with clients experiencing anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, lack of assertiveness, family issues, discrimination, emotional illiterateness and loss. Some clients needed a presence to accompany them while they were making important life changes.

I have trained in Transactional Analysis, but use a range of other techniques, such as attachment theory and ACT.

The work can be as deep or as solution-focused as wanted. For that reason I am offering brief therapy as well as longer term, open ended therapy. However, I do use contracts in my work, and I always focus on attainment of a goal that has been set in advance.

The research has shown that the most important thing for the therapy to work is the therapeutic bond between the therapist and the client. It is the relationship of trust, empathy and acceptance but also with very clear boundaries creating a safe space for expression of our innermost feelings. 

When working with clients and when appropriate, I introduce elements of creativity that can make the work more stimulating and bring to the surface connections that otherwise would remain unnoticed.

Transactional Analysis (TA) focuses on the relational aspect of our personality, using the premise that there is no one-up and one-down relationship between the therapist and the client, this being encapsulated in 'I am OK and you are OK' principle. Transactional Analysis is useful for exploring the games we play with ourselves and with the others, the life-scripts that we believe we must live and the same old feelings that we often end up having, regardless of the situation. 

More about how I work on my website

Ethics and Confidentiality

In my work I follow the guidelines of British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy for ethics and good practice.

All the sessions are absolutely confidential.


No Judgement

There will be absolutely no judgement - you can bring everything that you are, your dark side, your insecure side, absolutely everything. As human beings we are complex, and no one is just good or just bad. My work is absolutely informed by that principle.


Assessment appointment

If offer a free 30 minutes telephone assessment that will enable both of us to see whether we think we can work together.



Training and qualifications

Fitness to practice certificate (BACP)

Final year of training in counselling/psychotherapy in South Manchester Centre for Psychotherapy (Transactional Analysis).


40£ for 1h of therapy

35£ concessions


Types of therapy:
Transactional analysis Issues often worked with:
AnxietyDepressionEating disordersFamily issuesPostnatal depressionSexualitySocial communication

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