Adrienne Frayne Psychodynamic psychotherapist , EX37

I am an experienced Psychodynamic Psychotherapist. So how can I help you?

Psychodynamic therapy is a process where we think about whatever is distressing you. At certain points life can just seem overwhelming; we may feel depressed, anxious or realise we keep making the same mistakes in our relationships and the way we are leading our lives but seem unable to effect change.  Therapy and counselling offer a safe and confidential space to think about and explore this. We talk and reflect on you and whatever is happpening in your life. We explore what is underlying your present dilemma and consider how difficult events or feelings from significant early relationships may be unconsciously repeated in the 'Here and Now'.  Gradually you can begin to gain an insight into who you really are and how your mind is working , how you really feel and why.  Why you do the things you do.

As a therapist I support, reflect and occasionally challenge, allowing you to think about you and to really 'know your own mind'.  I am not there to judge or give advice.


The aim of therapy is that you, the client, leave feeling content in yourself, able to manage your relationships with yourself, others and the outside world in a fulfilling and creative way. Accepting of yourself, your past and confident to manage a healthy future.


Training and qualifications

Post Graduate Certificate in Counselling Supervision, 2012; Post-Qualifying Certificate in CBT Skills, 2010; Advanced diploma Psychodynamic Counselling, WPF, 2007


I charge £40 a session

I occasionally consider a lower fee

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Types of therapy:
Cognitive behaviour therapy Psychodynamic Issues often worked with:
AnxietyDepressionInterpersonal relationships

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British Psychoanalytic Council

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