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Pregnancy: the benefits of working with a pregnancy coach at this vital time 

Pregnancy is a major physical, emotional and psychological event. From the beginning of pregnancy, the body and mind undergo changes that can be challenging to adjust to. Pregnancy is also an emotional journey, layered with hopes, dreams, fears and anxieties. 

As a first time mother, you may have anxieties about the physical changes that you are about to experience, fears that you won't know how to look after yourself and your new child. Some women feel dread at the idea of pregnancy and/or childbirth; this is an anxiety-related phobia called tokophobia.

Or perhaps this isn't your first child – maybe your first experience was difficult and you're looking for support the next time around. Maybe you have suffered a miscarriage or stillbirth in the past, and this understandably makes future pregnancies difficult. 

Pregnancy coaching: how it works

Pregnancy coaches work with women at all stages of pregnancy, or even beforehand with women who are planning or trying to become pregnant. 

Pregnancy, in all its newness, can be overwhelming. Working with a pregnancy coach can alleviate some of those feelings, as you'll have someone to help you feel more in control. Pregnancy coaches will be certified/trained professionals who may have education in a range of subjects related to pregnancy and childbirth. They may have training in nutrition, prenatal fitness, childbirth preparation, breastfeeding, postpartum health. They are also likely to have been pregnant themselves. 

Pregnancy coaches will help you to understand where any fears related to your pregnancy come from and to develop a birthing plan that works in the best way possible for you. Pregnancy coaches will also empower you to see that you have the instincts and knowledge in place already to help yourself through this journey. 

Find a pregnancy coach here

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Last updated 10 November 2020

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