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Tim Carter

Executive, Business, Relationship, Health and Fitness, and Life Coaching
Online , Bristol BS6
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About me


About your coach: 

Tim has been working with people in a range of situations for many years. He offers coaching that enables a deeper understanding of the things that can get in the way of enjoying the present. By tackling life’s challenges and disappointments and making changes, it is possible to get to a place of confidence and ease. 

During the pandemic he has increased the amount of time he spends working with teachers in order to support a key service during this difficult time for so many key workers.

Tim brings insights from his training in social work, management development and neuro linguistic programming.

Whatever your difficulty, it is always worth having a conversation and exploring where you are now and where you would like to be.  Tim starts from the position that there are always ways in which you can change your situation and that you carry that knowledge within. With supportive encouragement, solutions can be found to tackle whatever is making it difficult for you to become the person you really want to be.

Feeling aimless, I had several coaching sessions with Tim around the future direction of my life - both in terms of my career and my personal life. Tim was able to help me find clarity and focus and to use this to create an outline of my future goals in the short and long term. Having that to draw upon enabled me to make small steps within my own life to begin to move towards these goals which led to me feeling greater satisfaction and purpose within my life. Thank you Tim. 

Carrie Derrick, Primary School teacher

I was offered the opportunity for some coaching sessions with Tim. These sessions were transformative for me in the way I was approaching the content we were discussing.  I really looked forward to them. I found them enjoyable and useful in my professional and personal life as it gave me a different perspective to what I thought was a fairly straight forward topic. I couldn’t recommend highly enough!

Dave Shepheard, Primary School teacher


What is coaching?

Coaching is a creative process that works to identify what might be holding you back in all aspects of your personal and professional life. Coaching enables you to take supported steps to understand and overcome barriers as well as establishing strategies that can lead to new, more effective behaviours.

This is all about maximizing your potential and producing extraordinary results in your career, relationships and life. By partnering with your coach, you are facilitated to undertake a journey of discovery about yourself and access your own solutions to enhance how you manage and live your life.

Coaching sessions encourage the person to look at the aspects they want to explore whilst the coach listens, observes and feeds back what they are hearing and identifying. Working in partnership the coach supports the person to explore more carefully what is being described and the emerging patterns of behaviour. As the person gains more clarity about their behaviour, reactions and habits the coach is able to assist in achieving more clarity about what may be limiting beliefs.  This then leads to a greater focus and awareness of increasing choices.


How is coaching different from other approaches?

Coaching has similarities with other approaches, like counselling, as it is client-centred focusing on achieving positive outcomes and creating effective change.  Coaching differs from other approaches such as masterful training, counselling, therapy, consulting or mentoring, by the way the coach works, enabling the person to identify their own possible solutions.  The coaching approach assists the person in discovering the resources, ideas, solutions and strategies that they require to resolve their own difficulties.   This respects the unique experience of the person and therefore the unique solution that is required to make the necessary positive changes.

As the coaching relationship progresses, the person gains an increased awareness of their behavioural patterns and the ways these are either enhancing or limiting their choices. By developing increased options for action, behavioural flexibility can be enhanced and the person can take new steps in supported exploration. This becomes the work of the person rather than the coach as it is the person’s own solutions to their own difficulties. In this way the person’s potential is unlocked.

Coaching is unlocking the person’s potential to maximize their own performance.  It is helping them to learn rather than teaching them (John Whitmore)


Professional supervision, consulting and risk assessments

A coaching approach can also be used in more formal supervision relationships. Tim brings his long experience of management and leadership in statutory and voluntary settings to support workers and managers reflect on their professional practice, goal setting and reflective practice.

Tim also undertakes consultancy and risk assessment work drawing on these key principles, and front line work experience, to assist individuals and organisations review current practice and gain new insights into their development plans and next steps.


By offering these coaching sessions we have been able to show staff how much they are valued and that we take their wellbeing seriously. At this time staff are experiencing unprecedented levels of anxiety and stress, both at home and at school. It has therefore been vitally important to be able to offer them something in addition to our usual wellbeing resources.  

Inger O’Callaghan, Primary school Head



My staff really appreciated having the dedicated time to focus on themselves. Being able to spend time with someone as skilled as Tim helped them put the stresses and endless list of ‘things to do’ aside, reflect more deeply and consider things from different perspectives. Actions changed from emotional responses and reactions to more thoughtful considered actions and they began to think more about solutions and possibilities rather than problems. This has had a really positive impact on staff. Thankyou Tim.

Kathryn Absalom, Primary school Head


Where do the meetings take place?

Depending on where you live or how comfortable you are in physically meeting there are a range of options to suit your preference. Meetings can take place at a mutually convenient venue in the greater Bristol area or by telephone or online video call (eg. using Zoom). You choose what is best for you at this time.


Get in Touch

If you would like a no obligation discussion about understanding and making positive changes to where you find yourself then please send an email or telephone 0117 9232005 and leave your name and contact number.

Alternatively send an email to [email protected]

Tim very much looks forward to meeting you.



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How much does it cost?

The first meeting is free in order to give you a chance to see if you feel comfortable sharing and exploring the things that you are finding difficult to resolve or the areas of your life that you want to seek a greater insight of and perhaps, control over.

Subsequent sessions will last 50 minutes and cost £40.  These can be face to face, by telephone or online video call (eg. using Zoom).

There is a reduction of 15% if two colleagues from the same school, company or organisation undertake coaching at the same time.

Training and qualifications

Tim is a qualified and registered social worker, coach (ITS certified), counsellor, family therapist, trainer (MSc) with 35 years experience working in statutory, voluntary and private organisations.

Professional associations