Rona Steinberg
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Rona Steinberg

Executive, and Life Coaching
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About me

Hello and Welcome to Out Loud Coaching.

My work as a coach is centred around a desire to connect authentically and powerfully with my clients to help them find their voice and realise their potential.

Although I work with clients from all sectors, my specialism is helping aspiring, ambitious professional women to achieve fulfilment, balance (and some sparkle) in their lives, so they can become fully expressed - fully OUT LOUD.

My clients are often people who long to find their own unique voice in a way that feels right for them. They may want to be more seen (and heard), especially for who they really are. They may have experienced a sense of not quite fitting in or being accepted or acceptable. They may have had that horrible feeling of 'not being enough' or 'too much'. People often assume Out Loud is for noisy extroverts but in fact I work with a lot of quiet, reflective people too - they may have been sidelined or overlooked and thought they needed to be different or more vocal - our work together may be around helping them to accept that their quietness is their strength and that this is something to be honoured and brought to the table in their own unique way. 

At heart my work is around helping people become more self aware, more self accepting and ultimately more self expressed.

I bring warmth, compassion, energy, humour and depth to my work; life and executive coaching, writing and public speaking coaching.

To tell you a little about me ...

I have a background in law, specialising in film, television and theatre but my enduring fascination with the written word led me to pursue my interest in creative writing whilst raising three children. During this period, I found my true passion, my reason for living Out Loud, which was to help other women live their lives to the full. I retrained to become a fully accredited life coach. I'm also the author of Live Out Loud - A Masterclass In Being Yourself in which I embrace and explore the joy each one of us can find in the journey to becoming our real selves.

My own life experiences have enabled me to recognise how varied and surprising life can be and how, at any stage, it is possible to step into the life we dream of (however ‘unrealistic’) – it’s just that sometimes we need some non-judgmental and caring support to do so.

That's where I come in!

So how does Out Loud Coaching work?

First and foremost, I will really listen to you, ask a lot of questions – powerful questions.  We will discuss who you really are, what makes you tick, what makes you, YOU.

Together, we will explore your values,  goals, dreams, your purpose in life - and the obstacles that prevent you from living the life you want. We will work out who you want to be, how you can achieve your goals and what you will do. I will challenge you, set you homework, enable you to become more self-aware, get in to action.

It’s a dynamic process and also a fun and exciting one.

Sessions range from an hour to two hours depending on how you want to work. I coach on the phone, zoom and (hopefully soon), face to face –  generally phone and zoom sessions are for an hour, face to face, an hour or longer. Sessions can be weekly or bi-weekly. I normally ask that clients commit initially to a three month coaching programme so that the coaching has a chance to do its work. But that’s not an obligation. We can decide together what will work best for you.

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Executive Coaching
Career Progress
Public Speaking

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My fees are £100 per hour whether we work virtually or face to face.

Training and qualifications

I'm a fully qualified and Certified Professional Co-Active Coach and am also a graduate of the Co-Active Training Institute's prestigious 10 month Leadership Programme.

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