Lisa Bodenstein
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Lisa Bodenstein

Personal Development Coaching
Online , Malvern WR14
Limited availability

About me

Welcome. I offer a 12 week program specifically tailored to Womb Twin Survivors and Vanishing Twin Survivors

Do you struggle with unexplained grief, fear of abandonment, pangs of guilt, self-sabotage, inner conflict and overwhelm?  Are you especially empathic and sensitive to other people’s feelings, have strong gut instincts, love to help others and are gifted in a number of areas and struggle to focus? Did you have regular tantrums as a kid, have an imaginary friend as a kid, feel like you have particularly strong masculine/feminine elements, do you prefer to sleep with the light on? (This is not an exhaustive list of characteristics)

Could these struggles and gifts be linked to your experience of losing a twin in the womb or at birth? If so I invite you to get in touch and together we can explore what it is you are struggling with and decide whether you would like me to tailor make a unique program that specifically tends to your specific needs.

Research shows that 1 in 8 of us might be a womb twin survivor, many of us don't know we may have experienced a loss like this. Those of us who do know have perhaps not had the space or emotional support to notice and tend to our struggles. Some womb twin survivors are able to cope with their loss independently and find peace with it in their own way, while others go decades or even their whole lives without knowing that they could actually access support to both process their challenges and celebrate their gifts. 

Looking for support?

Do you find your struggles are causing you to feel stuck, or do you long to process your loss to experience new found self-acceptance and confidence? Perhaps it’s time to consider investing in you by tending to this and finding a way to feel more comfortable in your own skin, stepping into your true purpose that is not merged with other people’s desires for you. 

Too often I hear from clients that their family, friends and even medical professionals have told them they have nothing to worry about and the loss they experienced (whether they have evidence of their lost twin or not) is unjustified or doesn't need attention. You have an inner knowing-trust it; you also have the inner wisdom to heal-trust this.  Once they find the right support that believes in them, many clients experience a great sense of relief knowing that they are not going crazy, that their struggles are real and have a valid reason.

As a womb twin survivor myself, I wished I had I known of a program like this to support me.  So after years of personal work and discovery I felt a deep calling to both create and share a program specifically crafted for people who know they want to spend time acknowledging their struggles, honouring their twin in a way that is right for them and learning how to live in a healthier way that is true to them, embracing their body, mind and spirit. 

What does the program look like?

Each program is tailor made and so the journey is different for each client, because everyone is different and their experience is unique.  However there are some similarities in that clients notice transformative shifts and begin to trust their inner wisdom again, experience a new found confidence and feel inspired to explore and live out their true purpose.

While we do talk in sessions, I also welcome working with body movement, developmental phases and non-verbal approaches. Much of womb twin survivor's trauma is experienced before their brain has developed a language centre with which to process and explore their loss. Because of this, working non-verbally is often where the biggest shifts, release and healing takes place. It is for this reason that my online work requires video so that I can ensure I can hold a safe space during non-verbal parts of the journey. It can sound a little intimidating to begin with, but most clients find they can quite easily adapt to working in this way and find it quite profound.

What next?

I invite you to get in touch to set up a free initial consultation to find out a bit more about you and what it is you are struggling with and also hoping for.  The consultation offers you the opportunity to ask me any questions you might have and gives me time to consider whether you will benefit from the program so that together we can explore whether we are a good fit for working together.  Once we have established this I can begin tailoring the program specifically suited to your struggles and goals and focus on how we would like to move forward with the program.

Send me an email and I will get back to you with time slots for a free initial consultation. I love supporting people on this transformative journey and look forward to hearing from you. 

* If you do not hear back from me please CHECK YOUR SPAM FOLDER or try reaching out again. There are times when I am on retreat and away from WIFI :) so there may be a delay in response or a glitch with my emails.

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Lisa Bodenstein
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I also provide my services online.

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The 12 week program investment is in the low to mid four figures and I request a payment in full before we begin. This way we can move forward knowing that you have committed to investing in your healing journey and I can go ahead and begin preparing for our work together design a unique program, tailor made to you.


This is why I offer a free, no obligation initial consultation with no pressure to say yes.  The consultation is vital as it gives us the chance explore whether we feel we are a good fit and also whether this journey will be beneficial for you. 

Places are limited because I really value and honour the commitment clients' make to their process and therefore only offer a few programs at a time.  This means that I also have more space and energy to tend to our work together.


If you know this is really something you want to invest in but don't have the funds right away there are a couple of options we can explore.  Having said this if you feel you simply don’t have the funds, or you feel this is not the right fit for you then I will not pressure you into making a commitment.


If you are wanting to explore releasing the pain and trauma from the great loss of this close bond you had at such a tender stage of development then I definitely encourage you to reach out. I would love to support you on a journey that offers a lasting felt sense of release and relief in a way that can open up space for the love and the permission TO BE YOU that you deserve, that embraces you in body, mind and spirit.


Thank you for your time, 

Warm wishes, 


PS: If you are a parent of a Womb Twin Survivor or a Vanishing Twin do get in touch. I am looking at developing programs to support you in your journey in the near future as well and would love to hear what type of support you are looking for too.


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