Joanne Bright
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Joanne Bright

Life Coaching
Online , North Devon EX34
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About me

Currently there are massive pressures on NHS and private services for young people across the country. Young people can be on waiting lists for CAMHS and while waiting their mental health can deteriorate further. Whilst some people will require the assessment and diagnostic expertise of a multi disciplinary mental healthcare team there are many that could utilise coaching to identify difficulties, develop better ways of coping and learn essential life skills which could prevent worsening of symptoms.  Coaching could provide helpful support during this time, begin the process of engagement and possibly prevent the need for tertiary services. I provide low intensity intervention primarily for young ladies experiencing some anxiety and depression, who may have experienced a decline in functioning at home or school. Sometimes these difficulties can stem from neurodiversity which may not yet have been explored or identified. 

My experience includes working within many areas of mental health including eating disorders (inpatient settings as well as day care), addictions, specialist psychosis team, bi polar disorder, schizophrenia, depression, anxiety, ADHD, Autistic Spectrum Disorder and stress burnout. I have worked in both in-patient and community settings. 

I am an Occupational Therapist, Senior Mental Health Pratitioner and also a Life coach. I integrate all of this experience and skills to deliver specialist early intervention to females aged 14-30. 

My passion is personal development and transformation of young females, working alongside them and seeing positive change. If a young lady is struggling with their mental health or an aspect of life, it is essential for them to access support early in order to reduce the likelihood of any longstanding difficulties developing. Having worked in mental health services in both private and NHS settings for over twenty years, I am passionate about early intervention. By engaging with and empowering a young lady as soon as they begin to experience difficulties I can facilitate improved self awareness and self expression which are both key for positive mental health. Teenagers develop coping strategies both helpful and unhelpful which can stay with them for the rest of their lives. Teenage life can be complex, scary and pressured which can negatively impact self esteem and identity. There are many external pressures on young women today which can affect the development of their self confidence. Young women can learn to put others needs ahead of their own and lose sight of their own values, needsa and wants. My role as a coach is to enhance self awareness, confidence, motivation and provide support so that together we can identify what, how and when you want they need to change. 

Teenage years are the perfect time to learn effective and positive strategies to carry through life. I teach skills essential to a young female like self awareness, lifestyle balance, decision making, value based living, assertion techniques, emotional intelligence, the art of self expression. creating a satisfying daily routine, the connection of physical and mental health, effective decision making, anxiety management techniques and mindfulness. It is essential to look at how a person's time is being spent and also to identify habits, routines and roles that are integral to the person I am working with. Making sure our metaphorical batteries are well charged is a key life skill, we all know how difficult it can be to manage everything when our batteries are running low. 

During life there are constant challenges and transitions we have to learn to navigate-becoming an adult, leaving home, university, marriage, children, separation, new jobs, loss and bereavement, new relationships and many more. In order to negotiate these times of change we require healthy coping strategies and positive mental and physical health. Coaching can support you through these tricky times by encouraging self reflection, teaching coping skills, identifying what is keeping you stuck and motivating you to embrace the changes in life. If we feel tired, run down or constantly stressed out then it may be useful to do a lifestyle check including examining sleep routine, eating patterns, fluid intake and physical activity levels. Often we can make one small change in our life (microsteps)which then lead to more positive change.  Coaching is the perfect way to learn how to develop and implement these into your life for lasting and positive change.   

Learning how to develop personal boundaries are crucial for lifestyle balance and health of young women as there are many demands to juggle on a daily basis. However, there are essential skills we can learn to help us with this, that we may not have been taught at school or by our parents. Coaching can provide these.

I specialise in women's coaching as I understand first hand our challenges and pressures. My approach is jargon free and down to earth, very much like myself! 

TESTIMONIAL from anon ITALY: My journey with Joanne has been a really enriching experience that has helped me a lot in a moment of life in which I was feeling stuck. Joanne has been an amazing support thanks to her ability to actively listen and ask the proper questions to stimulate reflection and deep insight. I have especially appreciated the kindness of her words, showing thorough attention and understanding of my words. 

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Brightlife Womens Coaching
North Devon
EX34 8DJ

Types of coaching offered


Coaching focuses

Mental Resilience
Stress Management
Work-Life Balance
Children Leaving Home

Coaching offered

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Free initial 30 minute consultation.

Following sessions 45 minutes long.

£195 for 4 sessions.

£390 for 8 sessions.

£590 for 12 sessions. 


Training and qualifications

I graduated as an Occupational Therapist in 1999 and have worked in mental health since then in both private and NHS settings. Areas I have worked in include CAMHS, eating disorders, addictions, acute psychiatry, vocational rehabilitation and specialist team for psychosis. I qualified as a Personal Performance Life Coach with the Coaching Academy in 2009. 

I also have qualifications in counselling, solution focused therapy, motivational interviewing, family therapy, family intervention, British Sign Language and power chi yoga. 

I have completed training in suicide prevention, depression management, anxiety management, assertiveness, relaxation, guided imagery and visualisation, understanding addictive behaviour, anger management, sensory integration and mindfulness. 

Qualified in mental health First Aid with Mental Health First Aid England in July 2021. 

HCPC registered as an Occupational Therapist:  OT30323

Professional associations