Ewa Rogos
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Ewa Rogos

Relationship, Health and Fitness, Life, Mindfulness, and Recovery Coaching
Whitton TW4
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About me

“Today is the tomorrow you dreamed of yesterday”

There is one word that describes Life Coaching perfectly: TRANSFORMATION.

No matter which aspect of your life is suffering and crying out for change, Life Coaching will help you achieve your desired outcome. 

When you know exactly where you want to get, you can see yourself doing all the great things you have been imagining doing for days, months or years but you don’t know where to start or you don’t believe that you can get there at all, I have news for you! YOU can be anywhere, anyone you want and the only person that can stop you from getting it is YOU yourself. And you wouldn’t want to be that person pulling and holding you back, would you?

So when your head is full of doubts and questions WHY, I will help find a way to WHEN, WHERE and HOW you can become the Powerful YOU. With the right techniques and styles of therapy such as NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) or RTT (Rapid Transformational Therapy) you will be able to “rewire” your brain, your style of thinking and the way you perceive the world around you. Your goals will become more clear and achieving them will be a matter of a few sessions, not years. 

Sometimes the idea of starting can be daunting, a vision of months spent on a couch thinking, rethinking and analysing may be a huge discouraging factor against taking up any kind of therapy.

Life Coaching is about your future, not your past. As much as the past is important because it has shaped you into a person you are right now, something needs to be changed. YOU feel there’s something missing and so you want to find it, set your goal and achieve it. In order to do so, you will need to let  go of certain things, patterns or habits and maybe even some people around you, you will be determined and clear on your goals and ready to make a connection between the dreams and the reality. YOU will turn those dreams into your reality because no one else but you have the tools and ability to do so.

I often use CBT elements while coaching as it is a wonderful way of understanding human behaviour. CBT breaks down each problem into smaller areas: situations, thoughts, emotions, physical feelings and actions. They all are interconnected and affect each other causing a certain pattern of behaviour and by learning how to control your reactions you will be able to manage your actions better.

I always encourage my clients to try hypnotherapy during our sessions, as well. While you may not feel that a full on hypnotherapy session is the way to go for you, using just some elements of hypnotherapy may be very helpful in finding your inner, better self. Your subconscious mind is often telling you what you should do, it helps you see with your eye’s mind what person you can be and what you can achieve. It is your conscious mind that stops you from reaching out, telling you you’re not good enough or not worthy enough.Coaching and hypnotherapy teaches you to overcome what you have thought was impossible, lets you see beyond your mental barriers and leads you out of your comfort zone.

What Life Coaching can help you with

-  low self esteem, building up your self- confidence, believing in yourself, self-sabotage

- procrastination and lack of motivation

-  goal setting, making professional progress, career change

-self growth and self development

- PTSD, OCD of all kinds

-fears, phobias ( food, flying, driving, small spaces, animals etc)

- childhood trauma

- depression, anxieties of all kinds and recurring panic attacks

- stress, work-life balance, healthy whole living

- managing your relationships better with your partner, children, friends and family

- weight management, losing weight, healthy eating and eating disorders

-  fighting addiction, QUIT SMOKING, alcohol, drugs

- ended relationships, grief and bereavement

- previous or current abuse (mental, emotional, physical, sexual, financial)

-handling narcissistic relationships ( parents, boss, partner, friends)

- anger management

- self-harm

- leaving bad habits behind (nail biting, chronic skin scratching etc)

- anything else that you struggle with

At YOU First Therapies, everything revolves around you.

You are in charge. You set your goals and you decide on your priorities. I am here to never judge you but always to listen, guide, help and support you. We will work together through discovering your strengths so you can make life changing transformation.  

“Be the change YOU want to see in the world and the person YOU admire the most"

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You First Therapies
Gerard Avenue
Twickenham, West London


I also provide my services online.

Types of coaching offered

Health and Fitness

Coaching focuses

Career Change
Weight Loss
Smoking Cessation
Fear of Flying/Driving/Phobias

Coaching offered

In person
By phone
On video
By email


£60 for 50-70 minutes session

£85 for 90 minutes session

£100 for 120 minutes sessions

Smoking cessation: £ 200 for two 60-90 minutes sessions plus free 30 mins booster session after

Weight loss: £200 for four 50-70 minutes sessions

I offer discount of bundle sessions bookings. 

Always approach me if you have any questions. I'm happy to help.

Training and qualifications

Fully accredited Life Coach who uses hypnotherapy, NLP and other techniques to help you on your self discovery journey

Children Counselling and  Hypnotherapy accredited by GHSC 

Elite Coach Certification

Mindfulness Coach



Professional associations

  • International Coaching Federation