Angele Tilly
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Angele Tilly

Business, Relationship, Health and Fitness, and Life Coaching
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About me

Hi, I am Angele! I’m French and I live in London. I moved to the UK five years ago and I love living here. I am passionate about mental health and breaking the stigma around mental health. I love a to-do list, walking in nature and all the good dogs.

I’ve had many different jobs in my life, going from one company to the next without ever feeling like I fit in. Sharing this experience around me, I’ve realised I’m not the only one who is feeling lost in life, without direction. By constantly searching for my next “perfect” job I was actually learning about my own tastes, my dreams and my values and what is important to me. The most important thing I learned and witnessed is that we all already have the strength and knowledge we need to achieve our dream life. But we might have lost this connection and that’s where life coaching comes in and changes your life.



I want to work with:

I work with people who are passionate, have dreams - big and small - and want to feel the fire of life burning again.

I want to work with people who feel they need to make some changes in their life. Whether you already know what needs to change or not, I will help you get clarity and implement the changes you are looking for.

I want to work with you if you are looking for clarity in your next step. You know that you want something but you don’t know where to start. You are looking to take back control of your life, and to feel like you’ve got this.

I want to work with you if you aspire to live your dream life rather than dreaming it. You already work hard but now you want to see the result.





We will do this:

There are no problems too big or too small. Whatever is taking away your peace of mind is worth working on. I will be on your side to explore and create a strategy to achieve your goals, with optimism (and with) understanding and respect for your boundaries.

With my experience as a meditation teacher and mental health first aider, I listen with empathy and kindness. And I will help you come out of your shell to achieve that dream of yours.

I believe that you have the capacity and skills to achieve your goals and I will bring a non-judgmental, and motivational attitude to our partnership. I am here to listen to you with kindness and empathy to respect you, your projects and your dreams.

In the first 2 sessions we will explore where you are at,where you want to go and define what it is that you really want. From there we will build a plan to get you from where you are right now to where you want to be.


This is how we can work together:

Contact me to set up your first free discovery call. Just 30 minutes, no strings attached, to get to know each other and see what it is you want to work on.

After our discussion we will decide if we want to work together, and we will start your journey to building that life you are looking for!


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Types of coaching offered

Health and Fitness

Coaching focuses

Mental Resilience
Stress Management
Work-Life Balance
Career Change

Coaching offered

By phone
On video


My one to one coaching sessions cost £75/hour. Our first meeting is free so we get to know each other and see if we want to work together. 

Contact me for more information. 

Training and qualifications

I trained as a meditation teacher with the British School of Meditation and as a life coach with Mindful Talent Academy. I am a member of the Association for Coaching and accredited by the British School of Meditation code of ethic.

Professional associations