Regular exercise is an essential aspect of overall health. Physical activity does not need to be overly strenuous; everyone from children, women during pregnancy to the elderly can incorporate some activity into their daily life. At whatever level you are engaging in physical activity, correct sports nutrition is very important.

When you exercise, your body needs more energy than it would if you were doing nothing, and it needs to produce that energy fast. Your heart beats faster, pumping blood more quickly around the body, your lungs work harder and your muscles contract. You need to eat correctly in order to maintain an exercise routine, especially if you are in training and working hard everyday. A nutritionist can help you develop a long term, sustainable plan to ensure you stay on track with your training requirements.

Sustainability and knowledge are key not only for overall health, but also for performance and progression in sports training. There are more and more scientific discoveries revealing how different foods react with individual people. A qualified nutritionist could really help you maximise your training potential as they are equipped with up-to-date, evidence based knowledge.