Transpersonal therapy has a spiritual element, which I love

  • Woman in her 30s, career-focused and wanting a relationship, sought help from a transpersonal therapist
  • Length of therapeutic relationship: 2 years

I decided to have therapy because I had been single for seven years. Although I was successful in my career, I felt lonely. I was attracting men who didn't want to commit to a relationship, and to be honest I was scared of making a commitment myself. I had been hurt in the past and knew some healing was needed.

I started weekly transpersonal therapy in December 2010. I didn't research the different types of therapy beforehand, but asked for a recommendation from a friend who had trained as a therapist. I had my first session with this lady and, whilst I found it difficult, I knew she was the right person for me.

Being in therapy has stopped me running away from this new relationship on numerous occasions

I really love the spiritual connection, which is what transpersonal is about. It aligns well with who I am and my beliefs. There is a lot of focus on childhood and also, the here and now. I've worked on memories from past lives and my dreams have played an important part in the process too.

Recently I changed to a different therapist. I have had most of my therapy by phone as I was living in Singapore when I started, and wanted to work with a UK-based therapist. I now live in Cornwall and my therapist is based in London. I see her occasionally in person and the rest of the work is carried out on the phone.

My experience of therapy has been, and continues to be, profound. During this two and a half year period I have left my high flying job, to set up on my own in a more balanced business. I unexpectedly met my current partner when I was at a low ebb, feeling vulnerable. Whilst being in a relationship hasn't always been easy, being in therapy has stopped me running away on numerous occasions. I have refocused on my health through nutrition, and managed to recover from an illness to move back to better health. I also lost a couple of stone in weight which was not intentional but a nice by-product.

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