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welldoing.org welcomes coaches

Join our community of coaches and therapists where clients find the right practitioners for them

Welldoing.org has matched 25,000+ clients in the last six years, using a questionnaire to help them find the practitioner best for them. Members create content on therapy, coaching, mental health and wellbeing. We engage with clients through digital advertising, social media and PR.
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We maintain the high quality of our membership base by only accepting coaches who are members of professional coaching associations or can prove in-depth coaching training and relevant insurance.

See here for the professional coaching associations we verify against.

Our therapist members, who are also coaches, will be verified according to their therapist affiliations.

What sort of coaches can join?

  • Executive and business coaches
  • Personal coaches
  • Health coaches
  • Relationship coaches

Coaching membership

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2 months FREE
Monthly membership

£15 +VAT

Billed monthly
£10+VAT annual verification fee
  • Standard package benefits include
  • Directory listing
  • Personalised profile
  • Connect with new clients
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Annual membership

£150 +VAT

Billed annually
£10+VAT annual verification fee
  • Standard package benefits include
  • Directory listing
  • Personalised profile
  • Connect with new clients
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What does it cost?

  • To be verified as suitable for inclusion, there will be an annual verification fee of £10 + VAT.
  • Monthly membership is £15 + VAT.
  • Annual membership is £150 + VAT.
  • Dual membership as a coach and therapist is £20 + VAT per month, and £200 + VAT per year, plus annual verification of £10 + VAT.

Standard benefits when you join welldoing.org

• Directory listing
• Personalised profile
• Professional membership and/or insurance verified annually
• Connect with new clients
• Secure client messaging
• Weekly newsletter
• Monthly coach-only newsletter
• Press opportunities
• Online and phone customer support
• Publish posts, videos, interviews
• Special offers
• Closed Facebook coaching group
• Promote events or workshops
• Optional diary and booking system
• Online client payment*

* Online client payments taken through Stripe, £2.50 per transaction

Accepted bodies

  • Association for coaching
  • European Mentoring and Coaching Council
  • Association for Counselling, Coaching, Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy (Coaches Only)
  • International Coaching Federation
  • Association for Professional Executive Coaching and Supervision
  • The Association for NLP
  • British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy Coaching
  • UK Health Coaches Association
"Joining welldoing.org helped me set up a new practice after being abroad. I was referred new people who had seen I was a match."
Jo Austin, coach and therapist