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>Dr Asuka Yamashina

Dr Asuka Yamashina

I offer long-term or short-term psychotherapy for individuals and couples, in English and Japanese. I have practiced psychotherapy and counselling since 2006 with a wide variety of clients in the NHS, charities such as Mind, university counselling service and a secondary school as well ...
> Gilead Yeffett

Gilead Yeffett

Hi. I am Gilead, I am a couple and individual psychotherapist and psychosexual therapist. I help couples and individuals to develop a greater capacity for interpersonal, emotional, sexual and physical intimacy and autonomy.  I specialise in working with aggression, violence, affairs, intimacy and sexual issue...
> Kate Young

Kate Young

Group Analyst and DBT counsellor Working within the NHS as a Specialist Clinician for over 25 years I specialise in individuals and groups as a means of approaching and addressing current issues for clients and exploring past trauma Child Sex Abuse- Self Harm -Addiction -Personality Disorder-Anxiety -Depression-Gambl...