Varsha Vashisthaw Person-centred/humanistic counsellor , RM16

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"Everyone can transform from the Ugly Duckling to the Swan they are meant to be"

Slogan & Core Belief

There are moments in everyone's life that everything looks ugly, sad and confusing. We start feeling tired all the time, people that used to be fun, are annoying now. Food has lost the sense of taste. The sensation of pleasure and happiness has vanished.

I would like to support you to try to find out the reason /root of the difficulty. We can work together using different tools that can be beneficial to achieve your goal and to gain a new insight. I can offer you: a safe place to express how are you feeling with no judgements and keeping the information that we share in confidential and professional manner.

What do I love the most of this career?

The relationship that you develop with another human being is honest, respectful and maybe the best one.

What makes me Unique

  • -I can speak four languages: Spanish, English, Hindi and Sindhi.

Because of my cultural background (being raised with Indian values) in a western world, in this case, Spain and following the tradition of getting married and coming to live in the UK for the past 18 years.

  • -You will be able to talk to someone in your own language
  • -I can understand the differences and cultural diversities
  • -I know how hard is to Break the conditioning rules of society
  • -I was a client myself in a therapy room and I had to overcome my personal demons and skeletons and it is really scary and bravery is needed
  • -I offer to counsel in the comfort of your home
  •  - Around your schedule Monday to Friday 9 am-8:30 pm
  • -Saturdays 10 am-6:30 pm
  • I am an individual member of the BACP ( British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists)
  • I  have completed Diploma in Counselling Person Centred & Existential Approach

What to do next?

1-Arrange an informal chat: call me or text me  on 07716469334

                                          Email me on [email protected]

2- Home visiting for your peace of mind: @ £35 p/hour (£25 p/h If you are working parent)

  • Check out my website, where you get to know a little more about the way I work and who I am
  • I have a Facebook page: Ugly Duckling Counselling Service, where you can find posts about the service
  • Please make sure you look at the updated photos in the profiles
  • I am DBS checked
  • I always carry my credentials with me
  • For the 1st session £10 deposit required before the home visit to secure your place by PayPal using email: [email protected] or 07716469334 company name "Ugly Duckling Counselling"
  • I will visit you weekly for 6-10 sessions, normally @ the same time @ day of the week (we can always arrange any changes)
  • Sessions last 50 minutes

3- Body & Mind Wellness Centre, Corringham, Essex: @ £35 p/hour (£25 p/h If you are working parent)

  • To make an appointment to the Centre I need @ least 48 hours to book the room
  • Cancellation fee applies if not informed 48 hours in advance
  • Check out my website, where you get to know a little more about the way I work and who I am
  • I have a Facebook page: Ugly Duckling Counselling Service, where you can find posts about the service
  • For the 1st session, £10 deposit required
  • to secure your place pay by PayPal using email: [email protected] or 07716469334 company name "Ugly Duckling Counselling"
  • We can meet weekly @ the centre @the same time and day of the week for 6-10 sessions which last for 50 minutes, to begin with.

4- Skype Counselling @ £35 p/hour (£25 p/h If you are working parent)

  • This method is great if you got kids, or you travel for work or you live abroad
  • After we have our informal chat by phone 07716469334 or we have corresponded by email [email protected] we can agree on a convenient time to start therapy
  • Deposit £10 for 1st session paid by PayPal using the email provided above or mobile number
  • I will require @ least 12 hours to book the session
  • The times of work are the same as home visiting or appointment by the Wellness Centre

Training and qualifications

Diploma qualification in Person-centred and Existentialism 

Diploma in Children's Counselling 


 I can do home visits or if you prefer you can come to my therapy room in Body and mind wellness centre in Corringham. The sessions last for 50 minutes and if we decide to work together our sessions will start with 10 sessions at £35 per hour. £60 for couples counselling. I will require £10 deposit for the first session

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Types of therapy:
Existential Integrative Person-centred/humanistic Transactional analysis Issues often worked with:
AnxietyCouple relationshipsCultural issuesDepressionFamily issues

In less than a week Therapy offered:
In person Client groups:
IndividualsCouples Member organisations:
British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy
TRAINEE MEMBER : British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists
British Association for the Person-Centred Approach

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