Simona Campli Solution-focused therapy psychotherapist , SW9

My work as a therapist has been inspired by the desire to disclose inner resources, often hidden into problems, applying creativity to therapy and problem-solving.

Strategic & Creative Communication is a tool for a more satisfactory balance in one’s own life, individuality, relationship and career.

There can be very disabling symptoms or we can work together to identify one or more goals to work on. The resources to cope  are often already there but not always we're are able to identify and use them in the exact moment when we would truly need to or they're simply entangled in an emotional block.

I work in re-discovering or building these strategic resources to make people emotionally free and empowered to reach their goals.

The rules of our confidential therapeutic relationship as well as the goals are set together during the first session and may evolve over time, in a non-judgmental, accepting and flexible atmosphere.

The aim of my work is to be focused on the difficulty, to completely solve it in a short period of time; to be focused doesn't mean to narrow the infinite chances of subjects that can be addressed: everything the client is willing to bring into therapy is always considered useful and the work continues until we've reached and consolidated a satisfactory new balance through a process of positive change.


I also provide low cost supervision for counselling students £30/hour.

From October 2016 new Walking Therapy service based in South East London. 

Training and qualifications

Brief Strategic Therapy Centre Diploma in Brief Strategic Therapy and Problem Solving

2009 – 2013


MA and Bachelor Degree in Clinical Psychology with a focus on systemic practices for the childhood, adolescence and the family.


Individual session fee £55, couples or families £60. Tailored prices for teams.

Discounts and packages available such as: £10 off with "refer a friend" flyer, 10 sessions advance payment or 5 sessions advance payment with discounted rates.

*SE23 studio, Forest Hill/Honor Oak area: predominantly packages of sessions or, if individual, first session £65. 30min free skype introductory session available.

Skype sessions on request.

Servizio di consulenza breve per clienti italiani con "difficoltà da trasferimento": emotive, relazionali e comunicative. 

Students Supervision: £30.


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