Sara Godoli Transpersonal psychotherapist , W2

My experience of working in this field is diverse.

I see clients in private practice as well as for the NHS and the charity Mind. I work with trauma, developmental trauma, anger and relationship issues with individuals and couples. I work relationally and draw from a variety of approaches including mindfulness, CBT, coaching/motivational interviewing, breathwork, imagination and the body.

In therapy I work with people to look at, understand and transform the disempowering beliefs they hold about life and themselves. People often find themselves stuck, lose meaning in their life, struggle with relationships, misplace a sense of who they are. I also offer a safe environment for people to look at their anger, including parental anger. I believe each one of us has got a collection of fears, anxieties and vulnerabilities collected since birth. No doubt we deploy any possible resource to defend against or ignore them. I find that psychotherapy's goal is showing a path to a lighter, more peaceful and  vital way of being.

I believe that the attention we focus on ourselves, which is the core of psychotherapy, offers the opportunity to change some of our ways of being in life.  If listened to and supported appropriately, psychological pain and mental health difficulties can be deeply transformative.

Training and qualifications

I have a Degree in Anthropology and Social Sciences and a Post Graduate Diploma in Psychotherapy and Counselling.

My graduation focussed on anger, especially parental anger. My experience in the field brought me to write a book on anger for parents and children which will be published soon.

Over my years of practice I have deepen my knowledge of working with trauma, developmental trauma and the body. Dealing with anxiety is an important aspect of this work.



My standard fee is £65.

I do offer concessionary fees to a number of clients. These might not be available at the time of enquiry and are negotiated on a one-to-one basis.

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