Paul Weeden Integrative therapist , SE1

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The main focus of my work is helping my clients to understand themselves better and then make use of that understanding and awareness to make positive changes. I believe that every individual is unique and special in their own way, and my integrative training embraces this. 

I invite you to guide me to the areas of your life you feel are most relevant for you to address right now. I will then help you bring to light the parts of yourself currently outside of awareness. 

I draw theory and inspiration from different approaches, as it’s up to us as therapists to find appropriate theory to help us work with a particular individual at a particular point in their life, as opposed to fitting everyone into just one theory. 

The way I like to work is through developing a unique relationship that facilitates an opportunity for you to reveal yourself in a way that allows us both to see things from a wider perspective, and then find past experiences that are connected to your current situation. 

In my personal and professional experience I've discovered that our bodies keep track of our experiences and feelings. For example sensations in our stomachs, or contractions in our spines. My recent training as an embodiment coach has given me an extra set of tools and skills to help you learn about yourself without necessarily having a clear understanding or words to explain what you are experiencing. Please go to my for more information on working with the body in therapy. 

By feeling heard and understood in a non-judgmental way we can integrate the parts of the self that are causing us discomfort. Through this process we can recognize and understand why we feel the way we do, and find new and more helpful ways of thinking and behaving in our lives. This helps us to to replace outdated negative automatic thoughts, beliefs and behaviours that no longer serve us. 

Due to my experience of working within the NHS in a time limited service, I feel this has enabled me to achieve where possible fast results for many different types of client. After an initial assessment I will contract with you for an agreed number of sessions, usually between six and twelve for our initial contract. 

In order that we use your time well, I invite you to consider what is it we really need to focus on and what your desired goal really is before we start working together. 

Also; please consider if there anything you could stop or start doing in your daily life that would help to make these change happen for you, and help you to feel well in yourself again.

Training and qualifications

Embodied Facilitator Course- Integration Training London 

Relational Supervision- Ibis Consultancy East Sussex 

Advanced BACP Accredited Diploma in Integrative Counselling Centre for personal and professional development London 

Level 2/3 Certificate in Counselling Skills and theory London 

Body awareness integration training - Mark Walsh 

Embodied Intersubjectivity in the clinic 

Relational based clinical supervision 

Autistic spectrum 

Short term contracts 

Working with sandtray 

Neuroscience Workshop 

Time-Limited Counselling 

Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training 

Living With Dissociation

Partners of Dissociative Survivors

Interpersonal Psychotherapy

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy


£60 per session

lower cost sessions available at curtain times

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