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My twenties and thirties were spent travelling, mainly around Asia, immersed in Eastern philosophy and spiritual practice. This led me back to the UK where I studied Neuroscience and Psychology in an attempt to understand the benefits of meditation scientifically. This interest has grown, and I have now been studying, researching and practicing Western Psychology for close to a decade. My training and practice has allowed me to develop skills in Humanistic, Psychodynamic and Cognitive-Behavioural approaches. As well as working therapeutically in the NHS and various London-based charities, I have studied, practiced and taught Mindfulness-based techniques internationally for over twenty years. This blend of Western science and Eastern thought underpins the way I work.

Western scientific psychology and Eastern philosophy both agree that psychological distress is a natural part of the human experience. They also agree that we possess an innate capacity to overcome struggle, realize our full potential, and flourish as human beings. Grounded in this way of thinking, my professional and personal experience has enabled me to develop an integrated approach to therapy which guides people to access their own inner resources.

In order to facilitate the journey from distress to a sense of relative calm, I provide an open, non-judgmental and accepting environment, where you will feel heard and valued. By working collaboratively, I will support you to develop a better understanding of yourself and the situations that you struggle with. With a focus in the present, we will examine how past experiences and perceptions of the future might be influencing your experience in the here and now. I invest my energy and expertise to become sensitively involved with you and the issues that you bring to therapy. Together, we develop an understanding of why you are where you currently are, and plan a way to overcome it, equipping you with inner resilience as you move forwards.

Training and qualifications

Academic qualifications

  • BSc First-Class Honours in Psychology & Neuroscience. University of Westminster. 
  • MSc with Distinction in Early Psychosis Intervention. King’s College London. 
  • Master’s Research: The Neuroscience of Mindfulness Meditation. King’s College London (Distinction).  
  • Doctoral Trainee Counselling Psychologist.


Initial consultation: £60.00 for a fifty-minute session 

Individual Therapy Sessions: £90.00 for a fifty-minute session. 

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