Maria Papaioakim Smeaton Psychotherapist , SE6

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I help men and women who need support to cope with well-being and mental health problems. They may be conditions you've suffered from for a while, like depression, anxiety, or they may stem from transitions or changes in life, such as a new family or a loss. I can support with habits you may have been trying to break for a while, like drinking or trichotillomania. Also habits, which may have become a problem suddenly, like gambling. I have worked extensively in the field of addictions, with men and women affected by gambling, alcohol, drugs and their families. I can contribute in making a change. I can help you make sense of problems related to an immediate crisis, a traumatic experience or if you’ve been in distress for what feels like for ever or have an overwhelming sense of resentment, worrying, stuckness, low mood, shame. I can help if you wish to understand how you relate to others, perhaps you suspect you are in an emotionally abusive relationship, or you need to feel better about yourself, deal with assertiveness, self-esteem issues or issues with work and finding meaning. Counselling offers a chance to talk in a confidential and non-judgemental setting. The aim is to clarify and reflect on your situation safely and recognise what choices you have; perhaps gain some insight as to reasons behind actions, thoughts, emotions. If you contact me to arrange an initial meeting, I will need some information by phone or email, in order to gain some understanding of your particular difficulty and whether I can help. The first consultation is an opportunity for you to decide whether you feel comfortable with me and for us to discuss whether we can work together and how. Sessions can take place face to face or online. These are some clients’ comments about our work together: 'Positive, transformational, the best decision I have made for myself' '‘The sessions made me look at things differently. Maria challenged my preconceptions. Seeing her every week made me feel calmer and more able to deal with the everyday challenges of life.’ 'It was useful in helping to explain or define different things that have happened and looking at different ways to deal with things in future.’

Training and qualifications

I have trained in integrative psychotherapy at post-graduate level. I am an accredited member of the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy. I have practised counselling and psychotherapy for fifteen years.


The fee for each session is £60 and it can be paid in cash or via bank transfer. The assessment/consultation session is also £60.

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