John Jeremiah Ahearne: Relational Therapist, Holborn, WC1V Islington, EC1V
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John Jeremiah Ahearne

Relational therapist
Holborn WC1V , Islington EC1V
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About Me

My approach is primarily Integrative, meaning that I draw on the training I have had in modalities such as humanistic, relational, psychodynamic, CBT, and other therapeutic relational theories. However, I do lean towards a more Psychodynamically-informed approach - meaning we will look at what the unconscious is trying to communicate and how what happens in the past can affect what happens in our here & now - the patterns that we have learnt - some of which are good but some of those patterns may not serve us well anymore.  


At the centre of my approach is the cultivating of a secure, safe, and confidential therapeutic environment and relationship. This is key to building a strong therapeutic alliance with clients and is the bedrock of therapeutic progress.



Together we will recognise and explore patterns in yourself and others, what your triggers are and where those patterns may have originated. I do not believe in immediate fixes, but rather that most issues are relational problems and we will approach those in a relational way.



I believe that psychotherapists' and counsellors' training should be lifelong to keep up with changes in models and best practices. Some of the continued professional development (CPD) courses I have completed over the years are listed below. These were mainly held at WPF, Tavistock, Freud museum, Ana Freud Centre, British Psychological Society, British Psychanalytic Council, Institute of Psychoanalysis, Stillpoint Spaces and the LSE:


- Coaching for Social Impact and Change - BACP

- The Spirit of Psychotherapy - Professor Jeremy Holmes, Hallam Institute of Psychotherapy

- Unequal Impact – The links between Environment Racism and Climate Change - Tavistock & Portman

- Psycho-social Explorations of Trauma, Exclusion, and Violence - Association of Psychosocial Studies

- Freud's Three Paradigms of Psychosis - Dr Leon Brenner

- Psychoanalysis in Time of the Pandemic - Laurent Dupont

- Brief Dynamic Therapy: A Psychodynamic Perspective - Dr Jonathan Smith

- Addiction Pandemic? Attachment, Desire and Chemical Distractions

- The Wisdom of Trauma and Talks on Trauma series - Dr Gabor Maté

- A Matter of Death and Life - Irvin Yalom

- Thinking about Gender in Clinical Practice - Hallam Institute of Psychotherapy

- MSc Psychodynamic Psychotherapy @ University of London

- Goals in Therapy: Actualising Our Deepest Directions - Prof. Mick Cooper

- Shapes of gender identity: Three stories with impact

- Book launch: Learning from the unconscious

- Kimberlé Crenshaw’s 'Demarginalizing the Intersection of Race and Sex' 30 years anniversary - LSE

- Men, Intimacy, and Shame workshop with James Hawes

- Black men and mental health recovery: An intersectionalities approach

- Addiction as an Attachment Disorder: Attachment gone wrong

- COVID and Collective Trauma Online Conference

- BECOMING - Infant Observation Documentary Film Launch and Panel Discussion

- Finding your own voice without drowning anyone else’s

- Existential Therapies: Exploring the Rich Tapestry of Practices - Prof. Mick Cooper

- Exploring the relationship between justice and compassion

- Uncertainty: An Existential Perspective - Prof. Ernesto Spinelli

- Psychoanalysis for the People - Tavistock

- Racism: through a lens of FEAR

- Tavistock Policy Seminar: Whiteness - A problem for our time

- Wittgenstein, Lacan, and astonishment: Maria Balaska/Dany Nobus

- Working with Trauma at the Tavistock: Tradition and innovative thinking

- Understanding LGBTQ Terminology - workshop with Chloe Foster

- Trans Awareness and Inclusivity - Del Campbell

- A Day on the Third Wave - Weekend University

- In the footsteps of Bick: Continuing the legacy of infant observation

- An exploration of thinking under extreme interpersonal conditions

- A Day on the Mind-Body Connection

- Psychoanalysis and the Public Sphere: Social Fault Lines

- On Ferenczi’s ‘Clinical Diary’: Mutual Analysis, Orpha, Femininity

- On Ferenczi’s ‘Clinical Diary’: Trauma, Hypocrisy, Authority

- Trumpocalypse, with David Frum

- How Freud would have handled the Coronavirus, with Brett Kahr

- How I Found My Voice: Margaret Atwood and Samira Ahmed

- Happiness Lessons - with Prof. Laurie Santos

- Psychopathy - Personality Disorder

- You Can't Outshame Shame - Juliet Grayson and William Ayot

- Anand Giridharadas on Capitalism in the Time of Corona

- Constructivism, TA and the Corona Virus - Transactional Analysis Workshop

- Working with Grief and Loss - Workshop with Ian Wallace

- Relational Co-creative Supervision - Transactional Analysis Workshop

- Coronavirus: Considering Our Responses and Responsibilities


- How to Work with Your Clients Online

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First Practice
Staple Inn
5 Staple Inn

View practice address
Second Practice
City Road
335 City Road

Issues often worked with

Porn addiction
Sexual abuse
Sexuality and LGBTQ
Suicidal thoughts
Performance anxiety
Sexual problems
Complex PTSD

Therapy offered

In person
On video

Client groups



Individuals £90 - £120

Couples & orher relationships £135 - £155

All sessions are 50 mins in duration. 

Training and qualifications

- Registered Member of the BACP (British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy) and adhere to their ethical code.

- OCST 4 Online Counselling Certificate.

- Membership of ACTO (The Association for Counselling and Therapy Online).

- Diploma in Integrative Counselling

- Certificate in Psychodynamic Practice

- Certificate in Couples and Other Relationships Therapy

- Current CPD - MSc in Psychodynamic Psychotherapy & Counselling

Verified professional membership

British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy