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Hello, and welcome to my profile.

I am a BACP registered counsellor, and my goal is simple - to help you take back control, when it comes to your own mental health.

So, if you seek the presence of empathy and a deep understanding, alongside a genuine manner that will never judge, please feel free to get in touch. In a similar way, if your goal in life is simply to grow on your terms, in the process, potentially finding more space to unleash that inner voice, again, I would love to hear from you (I also have an interest in working with the business and education sector, where the same principles will apply).

How will Counselling help?

I offer a uniquely creative, person-centred approach, where I will always try to see past any labels (including medical ones), albeit, in a respectful, mindful, and ethical way - having said that, I do have experience with a variety of issues e.g. anxiety and depression, relationship issues, and long-term illness.  Ultimately, though, I will see you as unique as we work together to build a trustworthy, healthy therapeutic relationship, where openness and consistency will always be key.

Getting Started

Step 1 - Initial contact, followed by a short 15-20 minute conversation on the phone, where I can find out more about you, and what you hope to gain from your counselling experience, while also touching on certain elements e.g. Contracting.

Step 2 - 1st Session/ Initial Consultation via Zoom (ideal scenario) or Whatsapp, or on the telephone/via e-mail.

Step 3 - Assuming all goes well, more will obviously follow, and ideally, on a weekly basis (at least, early on).

Client Testimonial

'After years of battling depression and anxiety, and a period where I hit rock bottom, I decided I couldn't carry on like this, so I searched for a counsellor and after looking through a list I found Anthony.  I messaged him and he was very responsive.  I didn't know what to expect, but I arrived to lovely surroundings and immediately burst into tears; after telling him about my issues, he was great, non-judgemental, and he really listened - just what I needed.  I have been seeing him every week since, and he is really helping me deal with things.  I would highly recommend him, as he knows his stuff.'

Training and qualifications

I qualified with a Diploma in Person-Centred Counselling, completing over 100 hours of client work in the process (via CICS, the Colchester Institute Counselling Service, which is accessed by a wide range of people).  Other qualifications include a degree in Humanities & Philosophy, an advanced GNVQ in Business, and an Introduction to Screenwriting certificate; hence, a keen interest in using creativity in my work with clients.

Experience, and what drives me as a Counsellor

In the past, I have worked as a courier, in the hospitality sector, and I was also involved in an internet start-up, however, I decided to become a counsellor because I felt this was the best way to use my talents, where the core conditions held onto by the person-centred approach - namely, empathy, unconditional positive regard and congruence (or being genuine) - have always felt close to home, and happily, a natural fit.

M.E./Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Finally, it is worth mentioning my experience with M.E. - a condition that can involve many additional pressures, and over a long period of time; all of which provides a certain 'know-how', and a strong basis for working with a variety of issues.



Ideally, the day before, via Bank Transfer or Paypal.

In addition - assuming face-to-face work does return at some point - I may also go back to accepting cash.

3 Different Schemes

Option 1: Normal Rate - £35 per session (50 min)

(even in unprecedented times, there is still an argument for maintaining a certain professional standard)

Option 2: An upfront payment for the 1st 3 - £60

(a saving of £45)

Option 3: A Self-selected Fee - 15 to £45

(you select the most affordable figure within this range)

Please Note: For the duration of therapy, you will not be tied down to one or the other - in other words (within reason), if your circumstances change, you will be free to move to another scheme.

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