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January Goal Setting Success is popular right now.  We can talk about this on our complimentary call.

About Fiona
The skills of listening and hearing your story are paramount, no matter what style of therapy is undertaken. It's what makes the shift.
Fiona's style is straight talking but understanding and illuminating. Her clients have described her as 'More than just listening' and 'easy to chat to'.  

As not just a psychotherapist she looks at at what's going on around you as well as what is troubling you.  Together this can make your change last.

Fiona provides an easy going environment to effect change to your story, inherent beliefs and ultimately to your life.  For example: freed from an anxiety, you are opened up to confidence and positive wellbeing .  Or with your stress or fears unpacked then relaxation is welcomed in.

With Fiona change is gentle. In time that change that can be exciting because a new perspective has been gained a new way forward. Healthy in body and mind. 

Having practiced not just in the UK but also Gibraltar and Spain, this insight has contributed to a greater perspective on different cultures and surrounding.  It has also contributed to Fiona's insight and expertise on challenging modern issues such as screentime overload.

•  Anxiety, Stress, Confidence.
•  Workplace Wellbeing. Particularly if screen time is a big part of your day.
•  Getting past a break-up
•  Lifestyle Design: a coaching programme. Perfect when wanting to change job, career or return to work after long breaks.   Former clients have used this to move country, mid life reflection or just figure out purpose. It is offered as an alternative to where you may feel you want to focus on creating a new life.  
• Quitting Antidepressants:  This is a full programme that takes in the reaction that can occur not just in your mind, but your body too.  Making quitting easy. 

Fiona precedes everything with a complementary phone call to answer all your questions.
All of Fiona's work is undertaken in comfortable private rooms and when the weather's nice walk and talk sessions are offered in near by parks.

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Training and qualifications

In terms of qualifications - experience of over 16 years is the one that says the most.  However there's also qualifications in Positive Psychology, and Counselling,  which have been built upon over time to to include Business and Life Coaching, Online Counselling, Image work, Hypnotherapy, NLP, EFT, Nature Therapy and Peak Performance training.   Fiona also trains therapists to adapt their therapy to working outside their comfort zone in order to help their clients.

Nature Therapy is an optional addition applied in supporting the NHS's initiative for 'Social or Lifestyle Prescribing'.  This is where you are supporting issues in a non medical way.  For Fiona it's applying talk therapy outside.  It's has an effect of de - stressing and reducing anxiety and depression, simply by talking outside of a clinical environment. Very often it helps with people who want to come off anti-depressants.  It's also very suitable for children as well as adults.     Fiona also trains therapists to take their therapy outside see

When I first saw Fiona anxiety was just part of my life and I didn't care much about anything.  Now it's hard to explain, I just feel so much happier and just don't think about anxiety.   BH
I was worried about going back to work after having a family.  I'm now working and no longer conflicted.  My family life is all the richer and my children and husband more relaxed.  DS
I'm pill free!  Hurrah!   LDF (on getting off anti-depressants)
The favourite part of my time with Fiona was our meetings in the park.  Who knew it could make such a change?  SA
I was at a cross-roads in my life, I undertook coaching with Fiona and I'm now sending this eMail from Thailand, working as a Virtual Assistant.   TW
Myself and my husband no longer take our phones to bed .. therapy was so good for us.  JD
Sometimes you just need to talk - Fiona was there for me.   AG


From £45 for Student, Graduates :  

Each session is an hour with the initial session being longer so you can be fully heard.    

Fiona's core value is to hear what you've to say and give you time.

Call anyway even if payment is an issue. As an anxiety specialist, I don't like payment problems to get in the way of your solution.

* Business and Life coaching - starts at £250 for 3 sessions.

* Concessions are given for daytime face to face therapy and certain online circumstances :  
Please connect if you have financial difficulties and we'll try to support you.

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