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You may be feeling anxious, low, worried or stuck. As a qualified and experienced integrative counsellor, I can help you manage distressing emotions and negative thoughts. Sometimes these feelings can feel too much to cope with on your own.

Life triggers can be:

  • -Relationship difficulties
  • -Family issues
  • -Work problems
  • -Sexuailty
  • -Health worries
  • -Lack of self esteem and confidence
  • -Traumatic life events

Things can feel overwhelming  and  you can easily get stuck not knowing how to make things better for yourself.

I can help you discover what is going on and how to improve things. I am an empathetic, professional and effective counsellor.  My clients report that I am warm, insightful, and down to earth.  I can assist you to understand the source of your distress and together we can identify strategies to improve your well-being.

Who I Work With

I work with a very diverse range of people. I see clients in their twenties up to their seventies, from a wide range of backgrounds, culture, ethnicity, and sexuality. I respect my clients' individuality and difference.


Whilst I work with clients on a very wide range of issues, I do particularly specialise in working with clients facing anxiety. Some of my clients suffer anxiety about particular issues or triggers, and many are living with a more chronic generalised anxiety disorder, when they come to see me. I help them with immediate strategies on how to manage the anxiety and then work with them to relieve the deeper issues causing their anxiety. My clients start to manage their unpleasant anxiety symptoms in the short term whilst we work to reduce their level of anxiety longer term.


How Counselling Works

I offer a compassionate and non judgemental service where you will have the space and time that you need for yourself.  I'll work with you to build up trust and rapport between us, so that you can feel comfortable in exploring what is painful for you. We will go at your pace, but I'll also gently challenge you  to help you learn more about yourself.  I'll  tailor my counselling approach to your needs, whether that is using techniques to counter negative thoughts or patterns of behaviour (such as CBT), or a deeper psycho-dynamic exploration of the difficulties you are facing. Our focus will be to improve your quality of life, in the areas that you bring to counselling.

I have successfully worked with clients on issues of depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, bereavement, relationship difficulties, infertility,  trauma, addiction, work problems, sexuality and identity, culture, and discrimination. 

I know that finding a counsellor can be daunting.  I want to reassure you that I appreciate this and I will do all I can, to make it feel less so. Please do contact me to find out more.

Training and qualifications

I have undertaken comprehensive training and gained my Counselling Diploma from a highly respected integrative college, the Minster Centre in London.

My integrative approach, means that I draw from a number of counselling models, including psycho-dynamic, attachment based, humanistic and cognitive behavioural therapy. I also sometimes practice mindfulness with clients in session. I tailor my approach to your needs and I offer both short and longer term work. 

Prior to qualifying and working as a counsellor,  I worked as a manager in large organisations, I gained a good understanding of workplace issues that can have a negative effect, such as work/life balance, stress, bullying, restructures and redundancies. 


I offer a reduced fee of £25 for our first session, where we can assess what you would like from our counselling work together.  I then charge £55 for subsequent 50 minute sessions.

Couples £35 first session, then £75 thereafter.

I offer a limited  number of concessions, for those on low income, at £30 per session, weekday daytimes only.

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