Catherine Sweeney: Gestalt Counsellor, Cardiff, CF24 Cardiff, CF10
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Catherine Sweeney

Gestalt counsellor
Cardiff CF24 , Cardiff CF10
Limited availability

About Me

NEW FACE to FACE in CARDIFF from Sept 2020.  Limited availability Wednesdays and Thursdays in COVID RISK-ASSESSED and spacious rooms. Tuesdays still available for online counselling. Contact me for the the latest details and availability.

Counselling is for you and about you. I'd be interested to hear about the problem you're facing right now. It's easy to search online, but may be difficult to choose a therapist and make that first enquiry or book an appointment. It can be daunting, therefore I offer a warm acceptance to really hear what's going on for you. I allow you the space to share and explore what's happened that's brought you here and left you feeling unable to cope or needing more support.

Whether it is being lost in painful memories, or feeling anxious and worried about the future. Perhaps you feel stuck, unable to make a decision about a difficult dilemma, leaving little energy or time to live your life more fully now.  Perhaps you feel depressed, low or sad, unable to see a clear way through, unable to make a difficult decision. Perhaps low self-esteem, lack of confidence, leaves you unable to get what you need from your life. Or perhaps unresolved anger is holding you back, leaving you fearful that it will overwhelm you.

Counselling can help with these issues. By empathically listening, understanding your point of view and then, with you, creatively exploring what's going on for you can clarify things. Often, by you simply engaging in this process, having permission for feelings, whatever they are, can be freeing, so that what once felt overwhelming or all-encompassing can become more manageable and leave you with more energy to face a situation or move forward in new ways with more clarity and confidence.

It's also important you find the counsellor or therapist that is right for you. So I encourage you to browse these profiles, but also to take the next step and make an enquiry. What's the worst that could happen? Then ask yourself what would you want to get out of counselling and what might your life look like?

Perhaps knowing a little more about me and how I came to train as a counsellor may be helpful to you.

My previous work as a healthcare professional as well as writing professionally and delivering creative workshops in healthcare environments, fuelled my interest in mental health and personal development. Ten years ago, dealing with a personal crisis led me to try counselling. I admit I was sceptical about it, believing I should be able to sort my own problems in my own head. After all, no one knows more about that than me right? Yet counselling, for me, was a revelation that helped clarify what was going on and what I really wanted to do. It helped me move forward from a painful past and a diffiicult present. A few years later, I decided to train as a counsellor myself.  (See my training details below.)


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128 Newport Road
South Glamorgan
CF24 1DH

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Cardiff Therapy Rooms
39 Charles Street,
South Glamorgan
CF10 2GB

Issues often worked with

Family issues
Interpersonal relationships
Sexuality and LGBTQ
Finding meaning
Health anxiety
Panic attacks
Suicidal thoughts

Types of therapy


Therapy offered

In person
On video
By email

Client groups



For online sessions the initial session is free of charge so you can try it to see how that is. Then £45 per session to continue.

For face to face sessions in Cardiff, I charge £25 for the initial session, then £50 for further sessions.

I can offer a cheaper rate for students or other concessions as well as key workers, NHS workers or people on low incomes. 

Training and qualifications

I trained at The Gestalt Centre, London, on an accredited course, obtained a Diploma in Counselling and then a Post Graduate Diploma in Gestalt Therapy. This is a relational, holistic, body-centred psychotherapy that aims to integrate not just thoughts but also feelings and sensations that allows you to become more in touch with your whole experience, in a way that helps you start living the life you want to now. I have been working with clients for six years and become accredited with the BACP.

My work has been very diverse, but I see recurring themes around anxiety, low confidence, depression, loss and bereavement, work or relationship issues. However, I do have a lot of interest and experience in dealing with issues of childlessness: infertility, miscarriage, abortion. Also clients who are in recovery or have loved ones who are or were addicts or alcoholics. I enjoy working with young people 18+, but I am interested in seeing older clients who may have concerns about ageing, illness, loss, or may be feeling sad about how life is right now. Also, I believe people who are carers can often feel very stuck and often lose themselves  in the relentlessness of caring for others and the belief nothing can make a difference, so few ask for support for themselves.

Here are some of the issues I have experience of helping clients with:

  • addictions -drugs or alcohol
  • childhood abuse
  • anxiety
  • obsessive compulsive disorder
  • depression
  • bereavement
  • abortion
  • fertility problems
  • eating disorders
  • stress
  • work related stress
  • bullying at work
  • redundancy
  • relationship or family problems
  • sexuality
  • loss
  • suicidal thoughts
  • near death experience
  • low mood
  • low self-esteem
  • lack of confidence

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