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Fully qualified and insured, I'm a clinical hypnotherapist specialising in anxiety, low mood, transitioning from major life changes including grief, as well as cancer related issues for patients and carers.  With over 20 years combined experience working in the Oncology and Mental Health setting I can help you identify what it is you want to work on to facilitate positive change and increased well being. 

Hypnotherapy is a talking therapy which uses hypnosis to facilitate the positive change and growth you want in your life.  Hypnosis itself is a focused state of relaxation, and one we go in and out of quite naturally many times a day.  You may have experienced this listening to a piece of music or going on day dream-this is hypnosis.  We know that when the mind is very relaxed, it is more suggestible and can learn new things more easily and is more open to positive change more easily.


I have had many hypnotherapy sessions with Beverley and always return because she is the best. The way she conducts the consultations are both empathetic and professional striking the perfect balance. Each tailor made session has had a profoundly powerful impact on my well-being giving me the guidance I need to grow and heal. My waking perception is so much healthier since our sessions began and my sleep has been deeply enriched. I cannot recommend Beverly highly enough. Superb therapist.

Jean-Paul, major life change

Fantastic-you listened intently to my issues and what I wanted to achieve, you're caring and your voice is very soothing, I will be booking further sessions, and thank you I needed that session very much so glad I booked.

Katherine, Anxiety

It is such a beautiful treatment.  I never expected it to make me feel so relaxed.  I always have the best sleeps after Hypnotherapy, and the effects last.  I was able to feel better about my future, my energy was better and my mood was more positive.

Maria, Low mood

The hypnotherapy sessions proved incredibly valuable and I found your whole approach very professional and caring.  In my experience many consultations sadly have little baring on the treatment given, however you listened acutely to my needs and tailored my sessions with such precision.  I’m very impressed and would definitely use the service again and would highly recommend her to my colleagues, family and friends.


Paul, low mood and anxiety

There are many reasons why clients choose hypnotherapy online.

  • It eliminates the added time required to travel to an appointment away from your home or place of work.
  • You are likely to be able to retain an enhanced sense of relaxation for longer without the need to travel directly from your session.
  • You may feel also more relaxed from the outset given the familiarity and comfort of your own setting, which can only have a positive effect on the outcome of your hypnotherapy.
  • Online sessions are more cost effective since they do not incur the overheads associated with premises, time and travel. However, I am also able to provide face-to-face sessions in central London and central Chichester for clients who prefer this arrangement.
  • There is no difference between the effectiveness of hypnotherapy delivered via screen or face-to-face. Online therapy is conducted in real time in exactly the same way as it is in person.
  • Provided you have access to a private room and internet connection, it is completely accessible for anyone, including people who may be housebound, have physical difficulties or disabilities, or are too unwell to travel.

Clinical hypnotherapy is the process of discovering what you want to change or enhance and why.  Via the natural state of hypnosis or trance, it accesses the unconscious mind when the mind is more suggestible.

Hypnotherapy uses relaxation techniques such as breathing techniques and visualisation to guide you into a focused state of relaxation, or hypnosis. Here, your mind is more receptive to positive suggestions that are aligned with the changes you want to see in your life.  You may or may not drift in and out of sleep.  The treatment is effective either way. Many people describe the experience as deeply relaxing. Some say it’s like a spa for the mind.

There are no tricks or stage hypnosis involved in clinical hypnotherapy as Clinical Hypnotherapists can't make you do anything against your will.  Many clients have said they favour it over other complimentary therapies because it's drug-free and needle-free and feels very soothing and safe. 

Everyone is unique. To discuss your particular circumstances and find out more about how online hypnotherapy might benefit you, contact me to arrange a complimentary telephone consultation.

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Training and qualifications

Clinical Hypnotherapy (Distinction)-London Hypnotherapy Academy

Bachelor of Health Science-ACU, Sydney, Australia

Breast Cancer Care Module (MA level study) Royal Marsden Hopsital, Chelsea, London

Member of the British Menopause Society


First online session £75 for 1 hours 15 mins

Subsequent online session £65 for 1 hour

In person consultations incur due fees and will be released again, in Marylebone, Borough and Chichester, once social distancing allows. 

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