We are introducing two new innovations: the Welldoing Learning Hub, which is aimed at helping therapists source trackable CPD, and two separate You at Work schemes, offering a range of discounts and benefits from well-known shops and companies. Both of these offers are available for a single annual fee for welldoing.org therapist members.

Source and track your CPD activity

Therapists can now find e-learning suitable for helping them run their therapy practices if they sign up for the Welldoing Learning Hub. We have partnered with one of the world's leading e-learning businesses to build this easy-to-use portal of curated content plus exclusive content from welldoing.org.

There is a wide range of content, covering everything from accounting and digital marketing to health and safety and customer management. New content is constantly being updated, and learning comes in a variety of formats, including videos, reading material and interactive modules.

A single annual fee gives our therapist members access to more than 50,000 pieces of exclusive, high-quality content. It is designed to bring together in one place all the materials you need to manage a thriving private therapy practice, stay up-to-date with your profession, and fulfil CPD requirements. 

The Welldoing Learning Hub, available for an annual fee of £100 + VAT, is always available, easily searchable, and all the content and courses you complete will be tracked, so you can quite simply show the CPD you have completed in any period.

Find lifestyle benefits and discounts

Working as independent practitioners, therapists cannot usually take advantage of the kind of benefits and discount schemes that corporate staff are offered. That's why we have negotiated two different schemes for our therapist members with You at Work

Therapists who sign up to You at Work Benefits Plus are offered discounts on great high street and supermarket deals saving up to £800 a year on DIY purchases, computers, eating out, cars, cinema tickets and utility bills. 

The You at Work Wellbeing package offers unlimited instant access GP helpline (which is worth the fee alone), online emotional wellness tool and constantly updated offers focused on health and wellbeing.

Each of the two You at Work packages is priced at £30 + VAT per member per year.

We are thrilled to be able to offer our members these great opportunities to learn and develop their therapy practice, and gain from benefits and discounts usually only available to corporate clients. 

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