We are thrilled to see how welldoing.org therapists are using their free one year premium subscription to the mindfulness app Calm. Already 71 therapists have downloaded the app, and here are some of the ways it is benefitting them.

"I've been using this for the last week and I'm currently nearly through the '7 Days of Focus',"     Brooke Hender, hypnotherapist in Richmond, London told us. "   I'm really enjoying it and I'm finding it helpful. The sessions are of a good length, the app is well thought out and there is a large range of options for music, background sounds as well as very professional guidance. I'm recommending it where appropriate with clients."

Craig Coventry, who sees clients in Guildford and Woking, Surrey reported that clients he had direct to Calm had found the app "very beneficial. People get put off by the fact that many mindfulness courses require long meditations which can feel like an overwhelming commitment. The shorter meditations on the app provide a great opportunity to gently ease into the practice without committing to 45 minutes a day. Clients who have had the best results seem to practice in the morning, setting themselves up for a day feeling more content and less stressed and overwhelmed."

For Jules Fothergill, psychotherapist in Maidstone, Kent, Calm is not a new innovation. She had trialled several mindfulness apps for her work with Kent Police, and she gave Calm the thumbs up.

"I loved Calm the moment I tried it. I loved the ease of use;  it's not very technical, and I love the way you can personalise it. For example, I love the sounds of the waves so I set my Calm to pictures of rolling waves with the sound to go with it. I also really like the reminder of how to  'Breathe' with a big circle that encourages to take a breath hold it and then release. 

"I liked it enough that I recommended it participants at our wellbeing courses for Kent Police and I now recommend it to private clients. They like it for various reasons. One chap likes the sleep function with the stories; he has never yet got to the end of story and still been awake.  Another lady has reported that she tried the meditation and found it very easy to grasp and it has helped with her stress. I have another client who is highly anxious and listens to it on the bus before she goes into the office and it helps lower her anxiety. Lastly I have a couple who now both use it;  the wife for the happiness feature; the husband for the walking meditations.

"Most of my clients use Calm at least two or three times a week and were really pleased to be introduced to it."

How to get your free Calm app

The link to the therapists' offer can be found on your therapist profile under the heading Free Calm Mindfulness App for Therapists and Their Clients. If this is not on your profile, contact [email protected] and we will send you the link. On the Calm site, you will enrol for the year long subscription and several days later will be sent the link to download.

Clients are offered  a two months' premium subscription trial. They can claim this from their therapists, or  by using the diary management system to book a therapist. If there are any questions about how to access the offer, please email [email protected]

For further details contact [email protected]