Enfys Jones is a therapist in Penarth, Wales

What attracted you to become a therapist?

Following a successful career in performing, choreographing and directing in theatre, film and television where I explored the human psyche, I became intrigued by our propensity to spiral down into negative thought processing and self-sabotaging routes of behaviour. During this time and throughout other branches of work experiences I connected with a full spectrum of people, places, attitudes and beliefs.

Where did you train?

I trained in an eclectic range of holistic, therapeutic, mystical and spiritual techniques to explore the exquisite intricacies of human wellbeing with all its complexities and connotations. I then undertook specialist training in the fascinating area of neuroscience directly related to the connection between mental health and physical wellbeing. I have always been sensitive to my own emotional issues and utilised this knowledge firstly for my own healing and then fully equipped, to facilitate others in their self-healing.

When I collaborated with Gareth and we began to practise our own unique therapy, I felt as though I had found at last, the disciplines that work together to be the most effective healing tool I have ever discovered. I am happier and healthier than I have ever been, even with a pretty challenging personal life, and it is with this conviction and authenticity that I help my clients so successfully.

The list of training schools, individual teachers, gurus, accolades and certificates is too long to list; however, the fundamentals of our practice were gained during our Medical training at The Clifton Practice Hypnotherapy Training College.

Can you tell us about the type of therapy you practise?

The therapy we practise is grounded in the tried and tested techniques of Advanced Medical Hypnotherapy and Clinical Solution Focused Psychotherapy. 

However, we have learnt through experience during our personal journeys and through working with our clients that the most powerful and durable change comes from the understanding that singularly, neither science, complementary therapies nor mystical approaches are enough. Amalgamating them in a bespoke balance appropriate for each of our clients produces the best and often, what can only be described as, magical, changes.

We have utilised our combined skills and experience in energy healing work (Quantum, Coherence, Reiki, Shamanism), science (Quantum, Medical Neuroscientific, Psychoneuroimmunology), the rich history of holistic approaches (Reflexology, Massage, Tarot, Mediumship, Crystals), therapeutic practices (CBT, Mindfulness, Mediation, NLP) and physical disciplines (Dance, Yoga, Tai Chi, Music, Singing, Sport) to create a potent blend of knowledge to facilitate therapeutic change. It is important to understand that none of these techniques are used in a literal sense, but they provide a theoretical body of resources that relate to human innate needs and are an invaluable source of inspiration and guidance.

How does your type of therapy support people?

Our therapeutic approach, helps individuals to resolve mental health issues, overcome life challenges and achieve their goals via our clinic in Penarth, online via our easy-to-operate user-friendly service or through one of our online courses. Symptoms are controlled, reduced and often eliminated through a supportive process and accumulated steps of change.

What sort of people do you usually see? 

We work with all individuals wanting help to change. This can range from very small children to senior citizens, from Hypnobirthing to Palliative Care. All clients present their individual issues and needs, and it is on that basis that we proceed to help them.

We have a beautiful clinic in South Wales, UK, where clients from an approximate surrounding area of thirty miles attend. We also deliver online therapy very successfully to English speaking clients all over the world. 

Our client base is a very broad demographic of age, circumstance, health, wealth and issues. However, they share the common desire to want to change. We deliver therapy bespoke to the client. So, for example if we asses that a client will prefer a more neuroscience modality, we concentrate on that area throughout their healing process. Other clients may prefer a more holistic or even spiritual approach, so we focus more on that side of things. Often, a client will embrace our full Alchemy Hypnotherapy cerebration and then things get really exciting!

What do you like about being a therapist?

My ongoing studies and research have always been vocational. Even living the devoted life of a professional performance artist paved the way for the passion I feel for my role as a therapist. It is a privilege to light the way for others to find their own solutions enabling them to move forward in their lives and enjoy being themselves. The quest for happiness and acceptance seem such simple, innate mechanisms and are yet so commonly elusive in modern day life.

What is less pleasant?

Frankly, there is nothing unpleasant about my job. I am incredibly fortunate to share this journey with my life, love and business partner, Gareth Strangemore-Jones. We are experiencing this ever-unfolding transformational pathway together. We founded Alchemy Hypnotherapy together, which is the culmination of our combined therapeutic healing journeys. The possibilities and potentials of this venture excites us every day. Having this partnership means that we have each other as a support system, so if either of us has experienced a challenging situation in the clinic we are able to provide advice and pastoral care for each other. We also benefit by having a clinical supervisor, which is an invaluable backup for our work.

How long have you been with welldoing.org and what do you think of us?

I was first inspired to join welldoing.org when I saw Louise in an interview on the television. I was impressed by her authenticity, experience and personality.

What do you do for your own mental health?

Excellent mental health is an absolute priority for Gareth and me as we know without doubt that it is the essential building block to living a fulfilling life and unleashing our true potential destinies. So, we model the benefits of Alchemy Hypnotherapy by practising our therapy on ourselves and each other daily – it really is a way of life and an approach to living. We have both overcome issues from the past and have never felt better and more able to cope and be successful in busy, modern life.

What's your consulting room like?

We are blessed to own a beautiful consultation room. It is large, airy, clean and modern with tasteful notes of vintage threaded into the overall design. The room has a wonderful positive energy. We are easily accessed by public transport and there is plenty of parking. There is also the bonus of tranquil walks directly accessed from our clinic, which clients often enjoy before or after their sessions.

What do you wish people knew about therapy?

I think it would be useful if people understood that there are many therapies and therapists out there, but they are not all exemplary quality or applying up-to-date methods of helping individuals to get on track and stay on track, which is what we do very well. So, I suppose, it’s about gifting clients with the advice of being discerning when selecting which therapy to undertake and ensuring they have a good rapport with their therapist as this is vital for the best results to be achieved. 

It’s also worth noting that no therapy is a magic wand and that real benefits will be achieved only when there is a therapeutic alliance between the therapist and the client. The therapist lights the way as the client puts effort into finding their own way forward by participating in the process and actively transferring what they have gained in the clinic, into their everyday lives. This ensures durable change that is appropriate for the individual.

What did you learn about yourself in therapy?

I have had therapy in the past that frankly wasn’t a positive, nurturing experience for me and didn’t serve me. I’ve had other therapies that were pleasant enough but didn’t give me any lasting benefits or life changing insights. But since formulating and perfecting our own brand of therapy, Alchemy Hypnotherapy, I have learnt that I am truly a beautiful and unique energy and that it is my happy privilege to look after myself and seek to be the best version of me that I can possibly be. Because the best possible me is perfect and supernatural. I have also learnt that the meaning of life is to keep evolving, creating and changing and learning to love yourself and others more deeply and more authentically every day. The separation between the outer ‘us’ and the inner ‘us’ then reduces until we are a whole, happy soul, fully grounded to the earth whilst being completely connected with our higher selves. I have learnt that living in gratitude and thankfulness in the present, and being the person we need to be to match a future life that we want to happen, actually enables us to step into that future that we desire.

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