Philippa Perry has long been a fan of the platform. She is non-practising as a psychotherapist at the moment, but she never misses an opportunity to praise our mission: to help people find the right therapist for their needs. You can read what she wrote about us when we first launched here.

Last week we met up and I told Philippa what we'd been up to lately, launching the booking and payment system so that clients could find and pay for sessions while therapists were busy with sessions. She loved the idea so I grabbed the opportunity to ask her to help spread the word. She has, over the past few years, become a seasoned broadcaster, making programmes for the BBC and Channel 4 on bipolar, children who lie, and surrealism. Could we film her?

Here are two short videos --- the first of a dozen or so we shot on a sunny morning in the photographic studio-turned stylish apartment of therapist Wendy Bristow. You'll be seeing more as the weeks go by.  In the first one Philippa explains what clients can gain from the simple, time-saving booking and payment system we have developed. In the other, she tackles a comment we have heard from therapists: that payment is part of the work, so should not be removed from the room. Nonsense, she claims. Leaving money out of the equation will not mean that any issues are missed in treatment.  "If it's important, it will come up anyway."

All our therapists can now use the booking and payment system; simply turn on the beta test on the back of your profile, and work through the steps to fill in your diary and record your bank details.It doesn't take long, and it's notable how many of those who are already using it are keen converts. You can read therapists' comments here. And if you really can't make yourself give up on the money-transfer, you can even use the booking system independently. 

Any questions or problems, just let us know at [email protected].