• Psychotherapist Susanna Abse's book Tell Me the Truth About Love is a collection of intimate and enlightening tales from the therapist's couch

  • Susanna speaks to Welldoing's Alice McGurran about what she has learned about relationships over a 30-year career

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Former Chief Executive of Tavistock Relationships, and a psychoanalytic psychotherapist with a career spanning 30 years, Susanna Abse knows a thing or two about love and relationships. Her new book Tell Me the Truth About Love is a collection of 13 stories from the therapist's couch, delivering insights into the issues that plague couples and individuals relating to their love lives, some modern and some as old as time. 

Susanna Abse explores how our childhood shapes our adult relationships, why people engage in affairs and betrayals and whether it's possible to recover, and how children – whether or not to have them, and what happens when they arrive – cause upheaval in relationships. 

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Susanna Abse is the author of Tell Me the Truth About Love

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