• Psychotherapist and clinical supervisor Elizabeth Blaise is launching a fortnightly dream circle for Welldoing members

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A dream circle is a facilitated group process in which we attend together to the images in a dream shared by one participant.

In the dream circle, we learn and practice the art of responding imaginatively and phenomenologically to dream images, respecting the innate intelligence contained within them. Once a dream is shared it enters into the collective consciousness of the group and everyone will be touched by its presence in different ways.

We take turns in sharing the effect that the dream or particular dream images and symbols have on us and, through the process of amplification, association and creative imagination (eg. drawing, poetry), we bring the image to life and give it space to further unfold. Cultivating our relationship to the image in this way allows for an inner alchemical transformation to take place; we are changed by the images that psyche gifts us in dreams and psyche changes too in a reciprocal process. This has a very different effect from interpretation (needing to know what the dream image means) which risks de-animating the image and reducing it to a mental concept and thereby forecloses any connection to the numinous.

Participating in a dream circle is an invitation to let go of our egoic hunger to capture, deconstruct and categorise and instead be moved and inspired by dream images and this can inform our practice as therapists in a number of ways. It invigorates our engagement with the material clients bring into the therapy space, encouraging us to open to multiple perspectives, hold paradox and befriend otherness. It helps us develop and refine our countertransference and most importantly it supports us in bringing imagination and soul into our therapeutic practice. 

Elizabeth Blaise is an integrative transpersonal psychotherapist and clinical supervisor